POCAR 2019 Registration Update


Regular Registration Closes Decemeber 4th! After that date, prices will increase by $15 per person.

Our sponsorship coordinator is working hard at getting some cool prizes for racers this year!


Instructions to TooCOOL if link does not work:

1) Google "Purdue TooCool"

2) Click the first result ("Purdue TooCOOL Student Organizations")

3) look for "organization" on the left side of the top bar on the page and click on it

4) click on the box that has "search for.." (next to Organization)

5) Type "Outing"

6) Select "outing club general account"

7) Select Open or Collegiate

8) If paying for the entire team, insert the amount of team members in the quantity box or enter 1 if you are paying only for yourself

9) Select "add to cart"

10) Select "view cart"

11) Double check to make sure paying for the correct division and quantity

12) Click "Check out"

13) From there you will have to create and account (it does not have to be Purdue affiliated)

14) Proceed with payment by entering shipping address and card information

A note on TooCOOL: This is a new system that Purdue is using and is still working out the kinks. You may have to refresh the page or redo some steps to get to a certain point (ie, search the club), but it should work after that.


Also Please make sure that you are completing the 2018-2019 Club Sports Waiver




POCAR 2019 Registration Instructions


Registration Information


Click Here See Registration Page


We changed the registration process for you so that you are able to pay and sign forms online this year.  Paying online costs a small percentage more in order to account for credit card fees. As always, you can also hand in forms and payment at club meetings.

In order to register for the race, each person must fill out the Google Form, complete the waivers, and submit your payment. Registration will be open from November 5th 2018 to December 4th 2018. After December 4th, the cost to register a team will increase. However, registration will still be open until the start of the race. T-shirts and maps are included with your registration fees. Campsite fees are NOT included with registration fees. Late Registration Note: If you register after December 4th, payment will increase by $15 per person and you will not receive a race shirt.

Before registering a team, make sure that you have a team captain that we can reference. If you do not have a team, we have set up a Team Finder so you can make a team and find new friends! Reminder that teams must consist of at least 4 (four) and no more than 6 (six) racers. It is preferred that if submitting in person, we prefer that payment, completed forms, and the POCAR 2019 Payment Form together as a team in one envelope.


Registration Timeline

November 5th, 2018: Registration Opens

December 4th, 2018: Regular Registration Closes

December 4th, 2018 - January 19th, 2019 @ 10:00 am: Late Registration

January 19th-22nd 2019: Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race


Instructions to complete all of the necessary components below


Step 1: Your Information

To register a team, each person needs to fill out this Google Form to provide: contact information, t-shirt size, emergency contact information, team captain, experience level, and division. Emergency contact needs to be someone who is NOT racing. Make sure to save a copy of your responses for your records. If using teamfinder, put “teamfinder” in captain response.


Step 2: Paperwork

I have attached the paperwork necessary to register a team in this email. There are 3 (three) forms to fill out. They are Release and Hold Harmless Agreement for the university, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement for club sports, and extended travel packet. Each team member is required to complete all of these forms. Forms must be signed in blue or black ink per university requirements.


You can email forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go the traditional route and mail to:


Purdue Outing Club, 335 N. Martin Jischke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907


You can also turn forms and payment into Meghan Ciupak at POC meetings. (Tuesday at 7pm in the Boilermaker Room at the CoRec)


Form details:

  • Student organization is “Outing Club”
  • Destination is “Morgan Monroe State Forest”
  • Ignore page one and two of extended travel packet
  • Emergency contact cannot be another racer
  • Physician’s report is only if reporting a chronic/recurrent health condition


When submitting forms, please try to send only one email/letter with paperwork for the entire team. Include the team captain’s name clearly in each packet. If mailing, please include the “2019 POCAR Payment Form.” Please make sure all of the information is signed and completed before turning it in. If it is not filled out correctly, it will extend the registration time.


Step 3: Registration Payment

Payment options include check, cash, or online.

Check/Cash: Please make checks payable to Purdue Outing Club

Address: Purdue Outing Club, 335 N. Martin Jischke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907


Please include the team captain’s name and the POCAR 2019 Payment Form. When submitting money, it is preferred that you send one package for the team.


Online payment: This year, we will be using TooCOOL, Purdue’s new online banking system. You can pay individually or as a team.

In order to complete a payment, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to be transported to the TooCOOL website
  2. Click on the type box next to “Organizations” (it is on the left side of the screen)
  3. Search  “Outing”
  4. Select “outing club general account”
    1. You will be taken to a page with three different options
  5. Select the option which corresponds to your division
    1. $55 for the collegiate division
    2. $65 open division
    3. $35 for POC members
  6. Enter Quantity Click “Add to Cart”Click “View Cart”
    1. Payments are automatically set up to pay for a single individual. If paying for an entire time in a single transaction, select a quantity which corresponds to the amount of teammates.
      1. For example, my team has 5 people, then I would enter “5” into the quantity box
  7. If quantity and team level is correct, click “Check Out” and follow on-screen instructions.
    1. You will have to create an account in order to proceed with payment. This allows us to track your name when you have paid for registration.


After you have registered, you will be sent an Information Packet.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!



POCAR 2019 Team Finder

Click Here to access the team finder. 

Contact the 2019 POCAR Team

For any POCAR related questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the coordinators! 

Carrie Kemmet (Coordinator) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christina Hendren (Volunteer Coordinator) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meghan Ciupak (Registration Coordinator) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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