Biking @ Brown County State Park

Andrew Furrow, Don Cressman, Faye Zheng, Jake Frame, and I rode singletrack at BCSP, yesterday. We got in 3 good hours of riding despite the heat. We started at Hesitation Point and hit 3-or-4 trails on the way down to the north gate. The Hesitation Point trail has some fairly tricky sections riddled with rock crops and roots. Along the way down, we got lost on a brand-new trail that hadn't been mapped yet. This new Green Valley trail was awesome. HMBA did a great job incorporating air-gaining pump sections, steep-banked turns, paper-thin lines, and wooden bridges. When we finally righted ourselves, it was an almost completely downhill ride to the north gate. Some of the best riding came in this final stretch. We didn't touch the brakes and were flying down to the end.

Some lessons we learned:

  • Make sure your bikes, especially the brakes, are in proper working order before riding.
  • If you're starting at Hesitation Point and it's 94 degrees outside, make sure you have another car at the north gate to take you back up. (Thanks to Jake and Faye for helping us out there.)
  • You may want to buy some stainless steel tire levers. Plastic tire levers definitely can break.

There are good trails for beginner, intermediate, and expert riders at BCSP. The gate fee is $5, there's ample parking, well-marked trails (unless they're brand new), and enough room to easily ignore all the other riders on busy days. 


So, I (Don) stumbled on this.  The facebook page, I Love Brown County, managed to mention the POC... which lead to this trip report!

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