Newsletter 4/12/11


-Elections were held during the meeting.  Congratulations to all the new officers who were elected for next year!

-The club picnic is next Tuesday at 6:30. The meeting place has been changed.  The NEW meeting place will be Kerri and Heidi’s house. Please bring something to contribute to the picnic. There may be a prize for best desert!  We will be handing out (unofficial) awards in multiple areas of excellence.



-Rebecca, Joe B., and Trym went to climb trad at the Red.  Luckily, they realized as soon as they were in the car that they did not have a rope.  They then managed to find one and were on their merry way.  It began thunder storming when they were on a route and by the time they came down their car was flooded in.  They managed to get back to Miguel’s safely after 3 hitch hikes. Rebecca enjoyed her first Ale-8 as a gift from one of their rescuers in the back of a pick-up truck. Sunday it warmed up again and they climbed Fire Fox, a 3 pitch, unprotected traverse.

-Amy O, Isaac, Brad L., and Karthik went mountain biking in Fort Custer Michigan.  They hiked 20+ miles Saturday, went sea-kayaking at Brad’s lake house on Sunday, and Isaac successfully broke in (broke) the new club bike.

-Max borrowed a bike from the cycling club in hopes of completing a 100 mile bike ride.  He rode most of the trip in the rain, ate a soggy bagel, had to walk 11 miles to fix the flat tire in his bike that happened half way through his trip, and ended up with a 63 mile round trip including his walk.  He also learned not to trust gear that other clubs are willing to lend out to anyone.

-Kerri, Heidi, John, Josh, and Ashiesh planned on Kayaking in TN all weekend.  They ended up in West Virginia.  They ran the middle fork of the river, and only had one person swim who didn’t even end up hitting his face.  On the way back home they convinced a waitress in Ohio that Kerri was a candidate for the Make a Wish Foundation.



-Peter, and Isaac are taking a beginner trip to the Red.  All beginners are welcome.

-Mandy is taking an advanced trip to the Red.   She will be climbing overhanging 5.11s.  There is one spot left in her car so everyone is going to have to fight for it.

-Samm, Joe, and Kelly are also going to the Red.

-If you are cool too then you will go to the Red as well.

-Don is planning a beginner mountain biking trip to Town Run this Sunday weather dependant.  If the weather is bad the trip will be postponed until next Saturday.

-Brad G. is planning a bachelor party for his friend and nobody is invited.


Enjoy your trips!

Amy :)


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