Newsletter 4/26/11


-Gage has kindly volunteered to lead the meetings over the summer.

-Joe C. has offered to help distribute gear over the summer.

-The unofficial meeting next week will take place at 7pm at Nine Irish Brothers

-Roll session will take place over the summer as well. More information on the days and times will become available when they are decided.

-Kumar owes Joe C. $35 dollars for POCtoberfest.


-Jesus found Brad Grylls Easter eggs and this made Brad very unhappy.

-Samm R. went climbing in Georgia in a gym that gave her great pleasure. The routes inside the gym required 70 meter ropes. Also, she gave up candy for lent and was disappointed when she ate sweets again and they all tasted like old men smell

-Gage went mountain biking at Ampitheater and practiced riding with his clipless pedals.


-Isaac B. and Joe C. are going to the Red or Jackson falls during finals week and looking for others to join them.

-Laura and Amy O. are having a movie night Saturday at 2pm.  They will be watching 127 hours and Into the Wild.  This will all take place at Amy O’s place.

-Samm R. is turning 21 tomorrow! Everyone is invited over to Isaac, Joe, Peter, and Kevin’s Thursday night to celebrate.  It will be terribly awkward.


Good luck to everyone on finals!!! Also, everyone remember to wish Samm a happy birthday tomorrow!

-Amy :)

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