Newsletter 12/02/14

POC Peeps!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with full tummies and family fun!
This is what happened: 
Over Thanksgiving break there were some POCers at work! Alex Schmiovdkjnvdfkljsberger pulled a truck out of a ditch. Ellen, our wonderful treasurer, went home to Arizona where see wore shorts all day erry day, west coast is really best coast. President Sara went snowboarding  at Perfect Slopes North with her brother and it was totally rad. Take that winter!
This is what is happening:
Our caving consultant Brent is leaving us, graduating is so overrated. Although he will be missed, Mariah Miller will be taking his place as caving consultant so look out for some more caving trips!
On the note of new officers! We are in need of a treasurer for NEXT SEMESTER! So if you or another fellow POCer is interest let us know! Join the POC officer team, it's da best.
Wanna see someone take off layers and layers of clothing? If the answer is yes, come to next weeks meeting! Alex Schiddddddddddddddy will be putting on clothes, taking off clothes and showing some cold weather tips and tricks! Trust me, you don't wanna miss it!
This is what is going to happen:
Climbing Lock-In
The climbing lock-in will be THIS Friday, December 5th from 8pm-8am at HHI. The cost right now is $25 plus about $4 for pizza and then gas. The climbing consultants are trying to get the price down, but plan on paying this, it will be worth it! Even if you have NEVER climbed before the climbing lock-in will still be super fun! There is plenty of stuff like crate stacking, foam pit jumping or I just you can learn to if you really want to. The sign up click here: you have signed up, put your name on the driver board, click here:
Kayaking Lock-In
The kayaking lock-in will also be THIS Friday, December 5th from 8pm-midnight in the dive pool at the CoRec. The cost will be $15 and there will also be pizza! There will be a couple cars going from the kayaking lock-in to the climbing lock-in so you can do both! To sign up, click here:
The Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race is a 50ish mile 48 hour orienteering race! This race is over MLK weekend which is January 17-19. Registration is open! Register before December 17th and the prices are as follows: POC Member - $30, College Student - $50, Everyone else - $60. If you register AFTER December 17th, the price goes up $10 for each, so register EARLY! To register for POCAR, click here: The flier for POCAR is attached to this email, so print it off and share it with your friends!
This is the POC's fundraiser that helps pay for all of the gear we have so it needs to be as successful as possible! If you aren't racing, VOLUNTEER! POC will reimburse you for gas and other POCAR related expenses and there is free camping! So all you have to pay for is you're own food! POC will feed you for one of the three nights as well! While volunteering you will do stuff like, building a fire, getting firewood, finding delirious racers, eating s'mores and cuddling by the fire! So if you wanna have a super fun weekend in the cold sign up here: 
Just because its super cold and we are all going home soon doesn't mean we should stop the fun! Stucky is wanting to shred some gnar at Tyrol Basin in Wisconsin. If 15 or more people wanna do this it will only be $40 for two days of skiing including rental skis! He is planning on doing this the first week in January before classes start, let me know if you're interested!
Enjoy the cold!

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