Newsletter 11/18/14

POC friends,

I know it's crazy stupid cold outside but I miss you all at the meetings, read further to find out why you def. should be at our next meeting... 
This is what happened: 
Redpoint Rumble, a bouldering competition down at our very own CoRec bouldering wall, was over the weekend and according to some very reliable sources, it was pretty rad. Boyscout doesn't remember much from this day but he did inform us that Sara, our sickly president, killed it and won woman's intermediate and Momma T,one of our handy gear consultants, crushed the competition and won woman's advanced. Woman power! 
Some mountain biking people, including myself even though I wouldn't consider what I do mountain biking, went out to Ray's Indoor Mountain Biking Park in Milwaukee. I ran into the wall and now have multiple very large and painful bruises on my legs and Bonus Guy(Conor Donahue) flailed, bike in tow, into the foam pit, if you didn't come to the meeting you missed the video of this. After we were all worn out we went out for some Chicago style deep dish pizza in the fanciest town in the world. Overall, a typical day of mountain biking.
The 'yakers went to North Carolina and had a ton of fun with some alumni, only comment, "It was super cold".
This is what is happening:
PJ decided that with the snow and the forecast calling for rain, there WILL NOT be trip going out to Holy Boulders this weekend. The snow and cold came a little early this year so look out for emails in the Spring because he will be going down there when it starts to warm up!
This is what is going to happen:
John and Evan are still taking an orienteering trip this weekend because #POCARtraining. They will be heading down to Yellowwood Saturday morning around 7am, wandering around the woods for a bit and returning to campus around 8pm. If you plan to help set up POCAR or race in POCAR sign up for this trip. They are in desperate need of people with vehicles as well so if you have signed up and have a car please use it, if you wanna sign up and have a car, please bring it! Sign up here: Make sure to also sign up on the driver board so you have a ride down there, do that here: 
POCAR stands for the Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race and is a 48 hour 50ish mile orienteering race over MLK weekend, January 17-19. Registration for POCAR is open!! If you register before December 17th the cost will be: POC Member - $30, College Student - $50 and Everyone else - $60. EARLY REGISTRATION CLOSES DECEMBER 17TH. If you register after December 17th, the price for each goes up $10, so register early if you are planning on racing. Click the link to register for POCAR:
POCAR Volunteering
We can't have a race without racers, but we also can't have a race without volunteers. Volunteering for POCAR is one of the BEST ways to get to know everyone in the club and really is super fun! I volunteered last year and will be volunteering again this year because cuddling and eating s'mores is the best way to spend every weekend. As a volunteer your job is to essentially help out in anyway possible, you'd be doing stuff like getting firewood, building a fire, filling water jugs, eating s'mores, finding delirious racers, etc. Did I mention this an also a completely(except food) FREE weekend? POC pays for your gas to get to and from the POCAR location, there is no camping fee and we will feed you a yummy dinner one of the nights. So the only thing you have to pay for it you're own food, how much better could it get!?! Please please please sign up to volunteer for an amazing weekend of cuddling by the fire and fun in the snow! Click the link to sign up!
Climbing Lock-In
The climbing lock-in will be on December 5th at Hoosier Heights Indianapolis from 8pm-8am. Even if you have never climbed before you can still do the lock-in and have a ton of fun! You can learn to climb, jump around in the giant foam pit, crate stack and eat some pizza! The cost will be a total, pizza included, of $21. Click the link to sign up:
Kayaking Lock-In
The kayaking lock-in will also be on December 5th, it will be held in the dive pool at the CoRec from 8pm-midnight. The cost is going to be somewhere around $10-$15, the schedule for the kayaking lock-in is as follows:
8:00 pm - Check-in
8:15 pm - Swim-test, Kayak Rolling, Playboating, Seal Launching, etc.
10:00 pm - Pizza!
10:30 pm - Games: King of the Raft, Sharks and Minnow, Boater-X, Master of Beatering Competition
11:50 pm - Clean up!
12:00 am - Lock-In Ends
12:10 am - Go to climbing lock-in!(optional but recommended)
As you can see from the schedule you don't need to know how to kayak to enjoy the kayaking lock-in, click the link to sign up:
We will not be having a meeting next week so don't show up! Our next meeting will be on December 2nd, same time same place as usual. Speaking of the next meeting, remember that manly (woman included) beard calendar I told you we were doing? Well, at our next meeting our lovely publications director Mariah will be holding the photo shoot for said calendar directly following the meeting. So if you didn't shave that beard and you're totally ready for some camera action DO NOT MISS THE MEETING AND DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BEARD! December 2nd!
Stay adventurous my friends, the gear closet has skis.

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