Newsletter 11/11/14

Attention adventuring adventurers!

It's officially cold outside but that doesn't slow us down!!
This is what happened:
The only cool and awesome thing that happened over the weekend was the Holy Boulders Protect What's Holy competition. Sara, Momma T and some other awesome people went and had a wonderful time climbing some rocks!
This is what is happening:
Sara is sick and her head is in a tin can, the cold slows us down a little.
This is what is going to happen:
Mountain Biking
There is a trip going to Ray's Indoor Mountain Biking Park in Milwaukee, WI THIS weekend on Saturday, November 15th. It costs $27 to get in and $15 more to rent a bike and a helmet. This trip is beginner friendly so even if you haven't ever gone mountain biking, join the fun! Here is the Ray's website: If you're interested in going here is a link to sign up:
The Redpoint Rumble is also this weekend. This is a bouldering competition that is held at the bouldering wall at the CoRec. This competition has beginner to intermediate levels so all are welcome to come out and participate, at least come out and cheer some POCers as they crush it. Click the link to register: 
PJ, one of our handy dandy climbing consultants, will be taking a trip to Holy Boulders the weekend before Thanksgiving to climb some rocks! He would like people who are a little experienced bouldering and he will be sending out the link to sign up for this soon!
The Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race is 48 hour 50ish mile orienteering race during MLK weekend, January 17th-19th. REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!!! You can register online and if you register before December 17th the cost is: POC Member - $30, College Student - $50 and Everyone else: $60. After December 17th each price goes up $10, so register early! Click here to register:
POCAR is a HUGE event so that means we need all the volunteers we can get. Volunteering for POCAR requires no orienteering experience and some cuddling....okay so a lot of cuddling. This is a wonderful way to realllllyyyy get to know people in the club. We will provide dinner one night to all volunteers and all gas for the trip will be paid for. So essentially this is a free weekend (not including all other meals) to cuddle in the snow with some awesome people.  Click the link to sign up to volunteer during POCAR cause its the best: Also, Mariah needs shirt designs for POCAR, make something awesome and email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Speaking of POCAR! John and Evan will be taking a orienteering trip soon! Originally this trip was scheduled for November 15th but has been POSTPONED until November 22nd. You do need to resign up even if you already signed up for the original trip. They will be leaving Purdue around 7am and returning around 8pm. So if you wanna wonder around in Yellowwood for the day sign up here:
The climbing lock-in and the kayaking lock-in will both be on December 5th. The climbing lock-in will be held at HHI from 8pm-8am. Right now it will cost around $25 but should hopefully go down. Even if you have literally never climbed before the lock-in will still be super fun! You can learn to climb, jump around in the giant foam pit, lay around and knit(which is what I do), crate stack or just goof around and eat pizza! The kayaking lock-in will be in the dive pool at the CoRec. The time and price have yet to be decided but will be around $10-$15. Just like the climbing lock-in you don't have to know how to kayak to attend this lock-in. You can learn to kayak, goof around on the raft, chill in the hot tub, I don't knit at this one but hey, who am I to judge. There will be a car leaving from the kayaking lock-in and heading to the climbing lock-in, so don't worry, you can do BOTH!!
I would like to reiterate that there WILL be a POC beard calendar, men and women welcome. So don't save that beard! Also, don't forget that gear closet openings are at the bottom of every POC email and on the website. Remember gear is checked out on a weekly basis so if you do not return gear after a week I have to send you a not so nice email, which no one wants. If none of the closet openings work out for ya shoot me a text/email/call/throw rock through my window if you can find where I live and we can work out a better time to meet!
Stay radical children.

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