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Hey Hey Hey,
November is quickly approaching and Halloween is just around the corner, POC related costumes are highly encouraged, in fact please share them with us all via Facebook. 

This is what happened:

POC Muir Vally Trail Day
There were 30 people that attended and got business done! Here is a Facebook post that Muir Valley posted:

For the second year in a row, the Purdue University Outing Club—30 strong— were the top performing college/university group with their 2014 Muir Valley project - building a 120-foot rock retaining wall in Muir Valley. This huge undertaking required the construction of two dozen wire gabion baskets, sewing them together, then, with mostly manual labor, moving over 60 tons (!) of football-size rocks to a heavily washed out part of the creek and placing them into the baskets to build the beautiful wall shown in the photos. From scratch, this wall was built in a single day! Of the 18 college/university groups who volunteered this year to help with building and maintaining Muir's infrastructure, the Purdue students were far and away the champion team. A huge THANK YOU, Purdue!"

Click here: to see the awesome finished product! Good job and HUGE thank you to everyone that attended our second POC Muir Valley Trail Day. Remember we are making it tradition to do this every year so if you missed out on the fun of this year or you really liked attending this year, make sure to sign up for the next one!
This is what is happening:
The most important thing is Christine was back at the meeting and she brought snacks! We're glad to see our brave hiker is doing well and still loves POC. (side note: she makes delicious baked goods)
Bike & Build
PJ Ryan, Evan Kinney and Sam Moan did a presentation (which I attached to this email) about Bike & Build. They essentially rode their bikes across the country to raise awareness and funds for affordable housing in the United States, so if you want to have a super awesome summer riding bikes with the coolest people in the world think about doing this! Leader applications are open and rider applications open on November 1st. Click the link to learn how to apply or any other additional information:, Purdue was the most represented college for Bike & Build this past summer so to keep this up there is a Bike & Build callout THIS Thursday, October 30th in Armstrong 3115 at 7 pm. Watch this video and come to the callout, you will get super super pumped about Bike & Build:
This is what is going to happen:
The Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race is 48 hour 50ish mile orienteering race during MLK weekend, January 17th-19th. If you like to get lost in the woods when it's cold, you should totes do this! Registration should be open by November 1st, look out for an email about this in the coming days. If getting lost in the woods doesn't sound like fun VOLUNTEER! This is a super great way to get to know POC people. We cuddle next to the fire, we cuddle in tents, we cuddle everywhere during POCAR! Volunteers help in many ways such as making fire, filling water jugs, picking up lost people in the woods, sitting around a fire and waiting for lost people in the woods to find you, etc. We also need volunteers to help set up the POCAR course. Another bonus is the POC will pay for any gas used during this trip so the only thing you have to pay for is food. We do provide dinner one of the nights but all the other meals you have to pay for. This will be cheap extremely fun weekend of fun in the snow! We need all the volunteers we can get so PLEASE if you are not racing sign up to volunteer! You can sign up by clicking this link: 
In preparation for POCAR, there will be a beginning orienteering trip on November 15th. This trip is going down to Yellowwood State Forest, where POCAR was held last year, to get lost in the woods and then find their way out. If you are interested in helping set up POCAR this is a good trip to attend! John, POCAR coordinator, will be sending out an email today or tomorrow with a link to sign up, volunteers will get preference over racers but anyone can sign up to attend, look out for an email from him.
Beginner/Intro Trad Trip
There will be a beginner trad trip going out this weekend with Ben our trad consultant. He is planning on taking around 5 people. In order to go on this trip you need to be lead climbing and lead belay certified and to have lead climbed outside 5 or more times and be able to climb 5.10 outdoors or most of the 5.10s in the CoRec without falling. If you qualify and wanna have some climbing adventures this weekend email Ben: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Backpacking In Ireland
Sara, our lovely president, led a backpacking trip in Ireland last year and is doing this again this year! She is a backpacking leader for Xcelerated Adventures. The trip is $1849 plus airfare, it's a 150km and is super beginner friendly. Click the link to find more information and how to reserve a seat so you can run around in Ireland with Sara for a couple weeks over the summer:
Ellen, our lovely treasurer, will not be here next semester, so that means we need someone to fill in her spot. If you're interested in becoming an officer of the best club on campus or just being Ellen's friend in general, email her and let her know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Watch this video because nature is neat: Volunteer for POCAR cause it's cool and you wanna be it and you're cool.
Natalie Juhl 


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