Newsletter 10/07/14

Outrageous Outdoor Adrenaline Seekers!

Fall break is upon us!! Who cares about those three tests, that lap report and midterm paper you have due this week, the outdoors is calling your name! Just kidding, do your homework kids, but to get us in the mood of fall break, let's start with some very important info about POCtoberfest!
First off, the gear closet is open everyday for the rest of the week. If you are not going to POCtoberfest, you cannot check out gear until Friday because POCtoberfest goers get first dibs on all gear. The closet will be open on Firday for non-POCtoberfest goers, if none of the times on Friday work for you, or you have any concerns/questions/comments email me back and we can figure out something. NO ONE is allowed to check out sporting gear, all sporting gear will be going to POCtoberfest and checked out there on a daily basis. Max sent out multiple emails yesterday pertaining to certified drivers and some car changing around. If you do not have two certified drivers in your car, you can't go to POCtoberfest, so make sure you have all of that taken care of. Max will be sending out an email today about important items to bring for POCtoberfest. One of those things is you're PUID. You will HAVE to have this to check out sporting gear while at POCtobefest, don't forget to bring it with you! Directions to get to Ace can be found here: POCtoberfest goers just look out for the email Max will be sending today for further instructions and more information. Also, everyone that sent a shirt design to Mariah gets a cookie cause she used them all! Get excited for West Virginia and learn the words to "Country Roads" and "Wagon Wheel".
This is what happened:
With this past weekend being super rainy and lame most stayed indoors and rested up for this coming weekends excitement. However, Caesar went to six flags which isn't too awesome, but Mariah went to King's Island for Halloween Haunt and is too awesome to be scared. The kayakers did a first descent somewhere with lots of "limboing" and are going to write a trip report about it so we get credit for it, go them! The mountain bikers also braved the weather and did the Poker Run in Lafayette and won some awesome/super weird prizes.
This is what is happening:
At the meeting we watched a video of a man who ran around on the ocean in a giant bubble for world peace, current events man: Also, adventure is out there! Someone "discovered" a "missing" town in the Smokey Mountains, complete with handicap parking: I dunno Ellen thought it was pretty cool.
This is what is going to happen:
POC Muir Valley Trail Day
It will be on October 25th and we will be building an erosion wall. This is a perfect way to really meet people from the club and have a stellar time doing some hard work. We also received a $2738.36grant because Sara is the coolest to help Muir Valley out. The plan is drive down to Land of the Arches campsite which is  close to Muir Valley Friday night and camp for free. Wake up early Saturday, work all day long, lunch will be provided (let Sara know if you are a vegetarian). Camp again Saturday night, either the same place or somewhere else depending what you want to do on Sunday. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sunday, hike or climb, lame people go home. We have 39 people signed up, we had 40 last year and are hoping for 50 this year, so a little over 50 signed up would be perfect! Here's the link to sign up: and here is the link for the driver board: Remember, when picking a car on the driver board, pick on that is doing something that you want to do on Sunday so you all can have fun together! Or go to Nick Offerman and jump in the cool car that's gonna sleep.
There is a trip going to the Smokey Mountains over October break, they had room for some more kool kats to go last night, if you're interested email Lauren: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Shi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I know this will break everyone's heart but, there will be no meeting next week 10/14/14, so we will tell our awesome tales of adventure at our next meeting on 10/21/14, Boilermaker room at the Corec, 7 p.m. 
Have some gnarly times or at least poop in the woods once over break. 


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