Newsletter 9/23/14


Outdoor junkies,
Our time of the year has finally arrived. The leaves are changing and that crisp air is calling us to the trees. Set up those hammocks and grab your gear, the outdoors calling your name.

This is what happened:

Before the meeting a bunch of people, mostly those going to POCtoberfest, got certified to drive on POC trips. People who are driver certified/have a car get priority on going on trips because we have to have two certified drivers per car. So, if you would like to become a certified driver, here is how that can happen:

This is what is happening:

Our handy dandy climbing consultants gave a stellar presentation on "Climbing with the POC". There may have been crazy YouTube videos involved. I'll get the presentation and send that out to all of you that missed it.

Max gave an informative talk about proper tent etiquette. Just as a reminder for all, club tents are expensive and they are used the most out of all our gear. We like to make them last as long as we can.
Tent Pro-Tips:
Don't put your tent too close to the fire, if you're cold spooning/cuddling/snuggling is highly encouraged. Don't set your tent up under a dead/dying tree, unless you feel like waking up with a branch on top of you and a ruined tent (spoilers: you don't). Take a tarp to put under your tent, this protects the tent from getting damaged from the ground and if it rains you won't get wet! When returning a tent make sure you have cleaned it out and it isn't wet. If it's wet you can set it up in the gear closet if you don't have anywhere else to set it up. If something were to happen on a trip let the gear consultant that you return it to know. If you ruin one of our tents and do not inform us your gear checking out will be suspended for the rest of the semester.You don't want that and we don't want to do that so take care of the stuff you check out!

This is what is going to happen:

Non-POC Trail Day
There is a Muir Valley Trail Day this weekend and if this is the first you are hearing about it you probably aren't going but here is the link to sign-up: and here is the driver board link: If you're are signed up to go on this trip do not back out and be "that guy" that bailed on their car, it's bad juju!

POC Trail Day
The POC Muir Vally Trail Day is going to be the October 25th. To sign-up/get on driver board go here: Sara has applied for a grant from Purdue in order to help Muir Valley out and she will let us know if that gets approved as soon as she knows. So far only 11 people have signed up and we're hoping for about 50, sign-up! It's for a great cause and it will be a lot of fun! Alex Schmidberger and some others have some "prior obligations" the night of October 24 and will not be leaving for this until the early morning of October 25, if you are in the same boat let him know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, just for fun, look at the history portion of the POC page, there are laughs to be had: Specifically "The Chili Incident of 1979":

Enjoy a weekend of awesome weather and amazing adventure!

Natalie Juhl


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