Newsletter 04/01/2014

Written by next year's secretary, Natalie Juhl:

Since our meeting was on April Fools Day we decided to just get rid of all the officers and let the new ones take the reins, so this weeks newsletter comes from yours truly.

To start the meeting off there were a couple new people and the consultants fought them for their affection, it's okay, just join every sport! 
Steven Schultze wants to do yoga and work outs to create premium climbing bods and techniques, look out for emails about that.
Don't forget about the Boiler Up: Protect What's Holy bouldering competition that is THIS SATURDAY. This event benefits an outdoor bouldering area called Holy Boulders that is at risk of being closed down. Don't wanna climb? Come out and hang with us, eat some Clif bars, buy a shirt and support some awesome people(maybe donate some money too). For more details you can email Ryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The Purdue Spring Mountain Biking Classic is on April 19 to support Haan trail. Here's the link to participate If you don't want to participate we could use volunteers, if you'd like to volunteer here's the link to sign up for that:
Theresa went to the Red with some cool people. They all went to Miguel's for some cool music and pizza AND Jen won a headlamp in a raffle, go Jen!
Some awesome people went to Haan trail to clean up and prepare for the mountain biking competition in a couple weeks. Haan is a really rad 70 year-old man who rides all of his own trails which are conveniently located in his backyard. One day, maybe we will all be as awesome and he is and that is all we can hope for.
Mikey J sent out an email about cleaning up Haan's trail on Sunday in preparation for the mountain biking competition on April 19, no prior trail cleaning/building experience needed! If you would like to attend you can email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is a yakkin' trip this weekend to Tennessee but if you don't already know about it you aren't going, keep going to roll sesh though and one day you can go to!
There was some whispering by Graham while he was knitting a purple hat about a backpacking trip coming up not this weekend but next, so look out for emails about that, a man who knits is a man who hikes the roughest trails.
Tribute to Kane
Kane passed on the Holy Percolator, which is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen(its engraved with the POC symbol). Troy sold his soul to coffee and was sworn to keep all POC members caffeinated.
I would wish you all a well Spring day but it looks like the April showers have arrived and they're here to stay. My advice for the day: take up kayaking.
Always be strong and courageous,
Natalie Juhl

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