Newsletter 03/25/2014

While the days become a little longer, a little warmer, a little brighter, your heart does the same. Slowly, it remembers how to sing with the birds, to get dirty, to fly. Spreak happened; now you inhabit classrooms that can no longer contain your soul. Summer is looming in every crevice, peering at you through the corners of your mirrors, tickling your neck like a hummingbird. Don’t ignore it. Your homework can get done while you give into the sound of May The Tenth. Work hard and prosper. Freedom will arrive soon enough.


Yakkin’ Spring Break took a crazy ride to the land of buddy boofing and hot tubs for a watery week in the east. Katherine D. discovered her grr face, and we’ll never let her live it down.

Ellen soiled her pants as the backpacking crew dominated the Great Smoky Mountains for 5 and a half days. Covering 62.5 miles, this hardy group experienced a sunset over the park’s highest peak in an experience likely never forgotten.

A bangin’ group of climbers took to southern Illinois, Miguel’s Pizza, and Red River Gorge in an adventurous week of multipitch and snowstorm dodging. The restorative powers of pizza and Ale8 is a force to be reckoned with.

Bangin’ Group of Climbers #2 got snowed on at the New and finished their week at the Red with some new insight on checking the weather before they set out. With a strong finish to the week, you can’t doubt these dudes had fun.

Our mountain bikers took an awesome trip to Moab, where Rookie truly exemplified his name. A bump and a shake later, Rookie was head over heels (quite literally) for his bike, white in the face and calling for his mommy. Redeemed by the relaxing cool factor of a hammock city, this rag-tag group returns to our graces with nothing but love for the sport.

Troy visited Key Largo for a week of SCUBA diving and returned with stories of coral, eels, and sharks, oh my!

I spent a life-changing week in Orlando falling with style in my hang glider and training with some of the world’s best pilots. And I do mean to brag, but I MADE money over Spreak. That’s how you do it boys and girls.
Anyway, here’s a video of that:
Wait, that was the wrong one, here’s the right one:

Karen, our most epic POCer, took to her bed all week to make up for the sleep we know we all need. Thanks Karen, for being so Karing.

Straight from my notes, a synopsis of Max’s break: Max’s pug pooped and wore a hat.

In a feat of pure skill, Peter, a POC alum/legend, beat us all in Monopoly. But wait, there’s more: he managed to do so from Maryland, via Skype. Incredible!


We’ve finally finished elections. Here are the last few positions needing to be filled.

POCAR Registration: Boyscout
POCAR Sponsorship: Alex
POCAR Volunteer: Quathy
Honorary Coffee Consultant: Troy Lenz


There’s a bouldering competition at Purdue’s wall on April 5th. You should do it, because it benefits Holy Boulders, an outdoor bouldering area at risk of closure. Don’t feel like you’re good enough? That’s fine! There’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced divisions for everyone! For details, email Ryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tomorrow, we’ll be cleaning up Haan mountain biking trails. If you want to help, email Alex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’ll be super fun, and it will help us prepare for the upcoming mountain biking race on April 19th!

We all know those people- those who travel the world, who surf the couches, who revel in experiences. I would like to present a toast to our friends who deserve it the most:

To the friend who sends you postcards,
To the friend who calls your phone,
To the friend that lends their couch,
To the friend that has no home

To the friend that climbs the mountains,
To the friend that claims the sea,
To the friend that owns the sky,
To the friend I want to be.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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