Newsletter 03/11/2014

You’re approaching the tallest waterfall of your life. You’re advancing to the crux moves on your hardest route yet. You’ve been hiking 12 miles today already, and you’ve got the biggest elevation gain yet to come. You just smashed your face on the ground for the third time today, and to hell if you’re quitting, your bike is still in one piece.

And this is when it kicks in. This is when the physicist carefully assesses the height of the waterfall, and aiming for the perfect point to drop in, executes.

The is where the engineer grabs each hold like his dynamics grade depends on it, calculates the tolerance of the choss he’s going for, and dynos with the utter abandoned of turning in a code that he knows doesn’t work.

This is the med student during finals week-wading through the forests of papers, terms to memorizes, 4 exams, 3 projects, 2 papers, and 1 final push to the peak for a celebratory Ale8 and hearing the smack of your pack on the ground beside your tired ass.

This is the computer scientist. Lab due Friday and a code revamped so many times you can’t count it anymore. And as you execute one last time, the obstacle relinquishes, and you ride your bike off into the Moab sunset.


Welcome to your weekly dose of adventure, starring next year’s Purdue Outing Club officers:

President: Sara Weaver
Vice President: Ryan Smith
Secretary: Natalie Juhl
Treasurer: Ellen Wright
Health and Safety: Karen Nielson
Backpacking: Erik Gates, Graham Owen, Elizabeth Frye
Kayaking: Miles Evans, Caesar Ong, Nathan Misenheimer, Leanna Canyon
Rock Climbing: PJ Ryan, Steven Schultz
Mountain Biking: Mike Jankowicz, Sam Moan, Evan Axthelm
Caving: Keeli Curtis, Katherine Dennis, Brent Justice
Gear: John Luchenbach, Natalie Juhl, Theresa d’Aquila, Karen Nielson, Evan Watkins, Caleb Nieman
Publications: Mariah Miller
Webmaster: Mariah Miller
POCtoberfest: Max Andreychek, Ellen Wright
POCAR Race: John Luchenback

We couldn’t complete the elections this meeting, so we’ll be filling these spaces at our next meeting:

POCAR Registration
POCAR Volunteers
POCAR Sponsorships
Honorary Knitting
Honorary Hammocking
Honorary Coffee

Congratumalatchupikachulations to our new and returning POC officers!

Since most of our meeting was relinquished to elections, here are some reminders about upcoming POC events:

Boiler Up: Protect What’s Holy is fast approaching and will take place on Saturday, April 5th. This is a bouldering competition at Purdue’s wall benefiting Holy Boulders, a bouldering site in Illinois that is at risk of being shut down. Early registration ends March 16th and is $30, which includes a t-shirt. After the early registration date, the cost is $35 without a t-shirt. Contact Ryan Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a registration form and with any questions you have.

If you would like to have a flannel embroidered with “Purdue Outing Club,” contact Ellen Wright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, you’re gonna miss out.

The time has come. You’ve been preparing all winter. Cast aside your intellectual pain and venture far and wide. Every tree, every mountain, every cloud is calling your name.

I won’t waste your time with whimsical fantasies and attempts at inspiration. My job is complete. It is spring. It is time for you, young newsletter grasshoppa, to go forth into the sunshine and determine your fate. Bring back your photographs and stories, but leave a piece of your heart where you travel.

Always Safe, Never Scared,


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