Newsletter 02/18/2014

On Monday, it seemed endless. We knew in our hearts that this snow, these freezing temperatures, would never come to an end. The apocalypse had come. And now, as we bask in the glory of the blazing rays of the sun, warming our earth to a searing forty degrees, we contemplate the possibility of spring.

The sorority girls are unpacking their booty shorts and preparing their Uggs for storage. The frat boys haven’t changed from their cargo shorts and Sperry’s. The Outing Clubbers, however, are dusting off their packs and outdoor gear and are standing at the starting line, waiting, waiting…

We are on our toes. Spring Break is on our minds. Jack Frost is slouching out the back door and the Time Lords have brought spring to the front. Focus, concentrate, jettison your core with anticipation (less weight = easier climbing). We will pounce just as Father Winter saunters away in fear. 

Be prepared.


I’m pretty sure I wasn't paying attention for this part of the meeting, but I doubt anything happened trip-wise last week because the POC sometimes sucks a little butt in the winter. BUT WE’RE STILL AWESOME OKAY. I mean, I ran around in Chicago and had some deep dish, and it was wanderfully adventurous. 


The climbing lock-in is February 28th, and sign ups close Friday. If you’re not a climber, that is A-okay! We’ll have plenty of other stuff going on, like crate stacking, hammocking, slacklining, hair wraps, knitting, foam-pit dodge ball, foam square soccer, and foam pit napping.The cost will be $18 (this includes entry and gear rental) and $4 for pizza. You’ll have to split gas with your driver, which should only be 3 or 4 dollars. Bring $30 cashmundo, and you’ll be solid. YOU MUST SIGN UP ON BOTH LINKS BELOW! One is the sign up for the lock-in, the other is for getting a ride. 
Sign up:
Driver Board:

Tonight, history was made. We've elected Eric Gates and Graham Owen to be the sickest, hickest, kickest, yickest, pickest, lickest backpacking consultants yet. They’ll be joining our current backpacking leading lady, Katie Marsh, in directing you crazy commandos into forests nationwide.

Are you ready to step up to the plate? Answer this question with the utmost of care. This is not just any plate, but a silver platter engraved with exceptional legends of resounding past and promising future adventures into the depths of planet earth. Purdue Outing Club elections will be held on March 11th at our normal meeting time. A Google doc shall appear in your inbox where you may anonymously nominate the beards you deem thickest. 

Leprechauns exist.


Watch your head! Some cavers are travelling to rival territory this Sunday to take advantage of some beautiful underground limestone holes-in-the-ground. Trip's full, but I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Brent plans to take a caving trip to Buckner soon, please await further instructions.

Erik, one of our brand spanking new backpacking consultants, is taking a trip to the Appalachian Trail over Spring Break! If you haven’t been contacted, this trip is full, better luck next time!

If anyone will be near Orlando, FL over Spring Break, come hang out with me at Quest Air and we’ll stick you in a hang glider! Not for free, but neither is America.

Wanna go backpacking in Ireland? From August 3rd through 17th, you have just this opportunity through a company called Xcelerated Adventures ( For a fantastic way to wrap up your summer before classes begin on August 25th, contact me for details atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you wanna save the big bucks, let me know, and I’ll do a thing.

Campus to Coast is a 160 mile floating race put on by MSU. If you wanna get a team together to participate in this challenge in April, email Alex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For this newsletter’s closure I will simply pose to you a single question. You’ll think, wow, she’s really let these newsletters slack off… But, this question is my biggest haunt in life, and drives me to be absolutely full of every experience Mother Earth has to offer. Give this little guy a thought, and he could potentially flip your world upside down:

Exhausting yourself everyday, to what end?

Relax and Look Ahead,


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