Newsletter 02/04/2014

Welcome to the land of the rad.

In this country of pure awesome, you may find explicit content—triple XXX turn-ons to world travel and sport. So dangerous, your adventure boner will go into cardiac arrest. You’re thinking, “Ha, she’s got something on her mind,” and right you are. I've got everything the world has to offer clouding my thoughts each passing moment. Rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, knitting, you name it, the POC is THERE. I've got James Franco whispering SPRANNNGGG BREAKKK in my ears (no really-, and the possibilities are driving me mad—every single wonder of the world could send me over the edge, and I want the POC there with me.

Now that I've properly set the scene, here’s your weekly POC newsletter, back from hiatus.


We came, we saw, we POCARed.

So that’s how it goes with the POC in January. With 48 teams, a kickin’ course, a few sex kittens, 40 minions, and one billion million dollars for the POC, I’d call it a success (except for the puffies destroyed in the cross-fire. A moment of silence, please). Great job to all of our volunteers, and a massive thank you to the racers and the radio guys. Sex kitten, out.

Our mountain biking consultants and 9 others tackled Mother Nature on their trip to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Biking complex in Milwaukee last weekend. They had a cruisin’ time and after eight hours, jumped that popsicle stand and went out for pizza.

Evans made a blankey fort. No pillows. Lame.

The Purdue Outing Club Knitters (POCK) met last week. This plethora of punk pegasuses properly produced a poignant patch of projects with yarn. That sentence meant nothing, just a bunch of p-words put together.


The gear closet has returned to normal operations. It’ll be opened after meetings and during a schedule that Natalie will publish soon.

If you lost anything at POCAR, it’ll be swallowed by the gear closet unless you retrieve it soon.

If you are interested in getting CPR/AED certified, sign up for the once-monthly classes at the CoRec. That way, when Wilderness First Aid happens in the spring, you’ll have your pre-requisites.

Wanna represent the POC and look like a badass? The POC t-shirt order form is going out soon, sign up when you see the email so we know how many to order.


If you have the desire to get reallllllyyyy dirty, crawl around in small areas, listen super pop-punk UNDERGROUND, and visit some friendly cave creatures (salamanders, bats, crawdads, and fishies), then strap up your knee pads and focus your headlamp on the screen. Very, very soon, there will be an email in your inbox for caving sign ups. We’ll be going to Bloomington on the 23rd. These trips fill up crazy fast, so sign up immediately.

Our MSU Outing Club counterparts have created Campus to Coast, a race on the water inspired by our very own POCAR. If paddling 160 miles in a floating whatever sound like beauty to you, form a team! I know Alex Schmidberger (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) really wants to! It’s happening April 11th-14th. Visit for more details.

This week, we hosted Allison and Allen from Habitat for Humanity to talk about Cover Indiana. CI is a week-long bike ride occurring the week after finals to raise money for affordable housing. To ride, you have to raise $350. They provide many resources to help you raise money. Never cycled before? That’s just fine! This is a beginner-friendly trip, and many people who have never cycled before have completed the ride without trouble. For the experience of a lifetime visit or email Allison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you wanna Dingle, then it’s time to mingle with me. This summer, I’ll be guiding a backpacking trip around the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland with Xcelerated Adventures (  From August 3rd-17th, we’ll be trekking 180 km of the beautiful Ireland coast. 180 km in 15 days, you say! Easy peasy: this trip would take an experienced backpacker 8 days, but with this extended excursion, you’ll get all of the beauty and none of the pain. The cost is $1200 ($200 down to reserve your spot) and this covers 7 breakfasts and lodging every night. LODGING? Excuse me, I’m in the POC, I don’t do “lodging.” That’s cool, if you’re not into staying in a classical Ireland B&B and the occasional hostel, you’ll have the opportunity to soak up the stars every night in your tent. It’s your choice! If you wanna do the thing, sign up at or talk to me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you email me, I’ll be able to reduce your costs by $200.

You into that sprang break climbing life? Some folks are looking for a confident lead to hit up some closer crags, but need more experience on the trip! I forgot who this announcement was linked to, so keep your eyes on the email list if you wanna climb this spring break.

Looking to kayak? Kayaks will only be taken from the gear closet by kayaking consultants this Spreak. If you want a trip, you’re gonna have to convince them to take one! Go to roll session on Mondays and Wednesdays if that’s what you’re into.

So you’re in the POC, eh? Then you’re gonna have to learn something.

Look at your fingertips. Each rise in the print is a mountain, each dip is a valley. Every pore is lake, every scar, a challenge. Travel down to your knuckles, your palms, wrists, arms. What these can do for you is simply endless. You will ask, and they will listen.

So you’re in the POC.

There is nothing you haven’t done. Just things you haven’t done yet.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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