Newsletter 11/19/2013

You would think that a beard as hairy as the POC would be comprised of people who know what they are doing. And we do, to some extent. We can teach you how to climb a rock, how to roll your kayak over in a rushing river, and even how to summit the most challenging peaks.

For all that intelligence though, who else reading this is lost? You don't know what the next year will bring. You don't know what you're going to do this summer. You don't know if you're in the right major, the right school, the right group of friends, the right mind.

The Purdue Outing Beard is made of 300 individual hairs that really don't know what the hell is going on.

But it's okay, because this is the POC newsletter. And in it, I detail everything you need to know about life.


Muir Valley Trail Day last weekend was a massive success!!! About 40 POC volunteers had a hand in building 170 feet of staircase into the Valley. We had people screwing screws all day long (1200 screws screwed by the screwers, in fact), and Rick and Liz Weber (owners of Muir) were gracious enough to feed us an awesome lunch! We even got 200 likes on Facebook for all of our hard work, so we're popular too. Which is like, awesome. Due to the overwhelming success, we'll probably be planning Muir Valley trail days annually. Good work POC!

Max and Ryan headed to Hoosier Heights for a climbing competition last weekend. The name of this comp? Moves for Muir! That's right, while we headed to the Valley to work, they went to Indianapolis to raise money for the same cause! POC self-five, again! Remember to give Ryan a pat on the back for sweeping the competition (he got first place!) and give Max a belly rub because he's into that sort of thing.


The climbing lock in begins tomorrow night! If you have not signed up yet, here's the link: You must be a POC member! If you'd like to become a member, fill out the following form and bring an additional $25 for club dues. Waiver: The climbing lock in will cost $18, plus the cost of gas to your driver (~$4), and the cost of early morning snackage if you head to Waffle House. Meet at the Subway at Purdue West tomorrow night at 8pm with your money. Bring a car if you are able to drive and we'll organize rides there. Remember, you do not have to climb to come to the climbing lock in! There's so many other things to do, and we welcome everyone!

Photos for the POC Beards calendar will be taken at the climbing lock-in, so wear your sexiest costume (sexy firefighter, sexy construction worker, sexy nurse...) Contact Mariah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can't make the lock-in but would like to have your facial hair photographed.

The POC has a new trend: community service. We want to give back to the communities that allow us to thrive as a club. This spring, the POC will be holding a climbing competition at the Purdue Rec Center climbing wall to raise money for Holy Boulders. Holy Boulders is a climbing area in Illinois that is at risk of being shut down. Help protect our climbing areas and participate in this awesome event! Details coming soon. If you've got a t-shirt idea, send it to Mariah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There will not be a kayaking lock-in this semester. We're looking to plan one for January though, so get ready!


POCAR POCAR POCAR! Registration is now open for our annual 48 hour orienteering race through Yellowwood State Forest over MLK Jr. weekend. Teams of 4-6 will use a compass and a map to find pre-placed points in the woods. Only 7 of 25 teams finished last year. Think you can do it? The cost is $30 for a POC member, $50 for any college student, and $60 for everyone else per team member. Early registration ends December 10th, so register now if you want to avoid the late fee! Register at the following link: Don't have team members but you want to race? Check out the teammate finder board! Don't wanna race, but you'd like to volunteer? Sign up to volunteer at

On January 25-26th (the weekend after POCAR) we will hold a Wilderness First Aid training clinic. The cost will be approximately $88 but the more people that participate, the lower the price! This will take place on campus and will be about 16 hours long over the two-day period. These skills are essential, especially because of the sports we do. Plan to attend!

A word of advice for those with no direction: positivity. Without this, you're nothing but a slimy, sad, gumball of electrons. It's okay to be clueless. It's okay if you didn't get your internship, your job, the puppy you wanted.

Society tells us to get a job, to settle down, to have lots of money, and to produce small humans that will live their lives the same way. How boring. How absolutely unoriginal. Number one rule of life: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Remember the guy whose beard became the POC? Be that guy. Be the hair that grows the longest.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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