Newsletter 11/12/2013

Once upon a time, there was a child. This kid was born to city slicker parents with an Audi in the garage and a nanny to take care of the mess. You can already see that this little brat was going to go through life as a loser. He'd go to college, get a big boy job, become a trohpy husband, retire to the Florida keys, and die a content death.  Total loser. 

But, something very unexpected happened. This placid, picky, pocketbook poser decided to come to Purdue. The cold, comfortable Indiana winter changed this boy. His chin was freezing and his heart was was even chillier. But on this day, long, long ago, this boy grew a beard. And not just any beard, you see. This was the beard of a true man, an alpha male, if you please. A beard his grandpappy would have been proud of. 

This beard grew and grew and grew, until one day, this man's beard became...

the Outing Club.

And with that, your weekly POC newsletter:


18 people went on the beginner orienteering trip. Awesome turnout! Oh, and guess who got lost? Our very own POCAR Race Coordinator, Boyscout. Three cheers for Boyscout!

An even more amazing and fashionably dressed crowd gathered for the opportunity of a lifetime last Sunday: the POC's very first knitting extravaganza! We knitting until our little hearts just couldn't take it anymore! Being the badasses we are, we stuck with it, and even took a field trip to Wally World to pick up supplies. Your weekend was not on the same level.

Kelly went to Wisconsin and camped. (What's a Wisconsin?)

We won the basketball game Friday and the POC made it on the jumbo-tron like twice. Can you say POC represent?? That's what we get for being the most exciting individuals in an arena full of LAME-OOOOO's. 


Kayaking lock-in is coming up! Watch for more information.

Treasurer Caroline will be going to New Zealand next semester, so we need to elect another treasurer! The results are in and they say: ELLEN IS HER OWN PERSON. SHE IS A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN. And she's our new treasurer! Congratulations Ellen, we're sending all the stamps your way!!

We've got the go-ahead to hold a climbing competition at Purdue's wall in the spring for a fundraiser. What should we support? Access fund, Red River Gorge Climbing Coalition, High Fives, Muir Valley... any other ideas, email Ryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be taking a vote next week on what organization to donate the proceeds to.  Start thinking of t-shirt designs and Ryan is going to work on getting sponsors. 

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BEARDS. We'll be taking photos for the POC Beards Calendar upon completion of No-Shave November. If you wanna make it into the POC equivalent of Playboy, then step away from the razor.


Muir Valley Trail Day is happening this weekend!  Call your driver so they know you're going. Remember drivers, Friday night we're camping for free at Land of the Arches ( Let them know you're with the Outing Club and all should be well! We'll meet bright and early at 8 in the Muir parking lot on Saturday. Please dress in layers. The weather looks phenomenal but it'll be chilly in the morning. 

In other awesome news, those not heading to Muir Valley are going to Hoosier Heights Indy for a climbing competition. The name of this competition? Moves for Muir. It's great to see the POC giving back to the climbing community by participating in both of these events that benefit Muir Valley. Self-five to the POC.

Climbing lock-in will be the night of 11-23-13 at Hoosier Heights Indy. Bring about $25. This will cover the $18 fee, gas money to your driver, and money for pizza. There may also be early morning food runs to Waffle House. Even if you aren't a climber, the climbing lock-in has a schmorgesboard of activities that are not climbing related! You're gonna have fun no matter what. Sign up at the following link. POC members only (snaps fingers in Z formation).

POCAR registration is open! The flyers are attached, and we're asking that you hang up just one. We want this to be the biggest POCAR ever and we need your help! This is our major fundraiser for the year. This funds all the gear we buy and all the fun we have as a club. If you do not race, you should volunteer! Boyscout and I volunteered our freshman year and look where we are now- Race and Registration Coordinators, BooYAH. Volunteering is really fun and you get to meet a bazillion new people. Oh, and free sketti dinner. Everything you need to know about POCAR, whether you're racing or volunteering, can be found at the following link:

Once upon a time, there was a happy bearded boy and happy bearded-at-heart girl. Living out of a Ford Explorer and a teardrop trailer, they gallavanted across the world together when they could, and dreamed of adventuring every day that they couldn't. They thought about the future in that whimsical way we do while lying in our tents at night. They just couldn't get enough of this beautiful planet and all that is upon it.

That boy and that girl, Purdue Outing Club, is you.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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