Newsletter 10/29/2013

Hello readers. Do you enjoy couches? Quiet nights of studying and watching television? Settling down with 14 children in a suburban home with white picket fences and Martha Stuart magazines sprawed on the coffee table?

Then get the hell out. This message is only for those who live on the edge. Those who study while torching things with flame throwers. Those who watch the heavens swirl around their heads while sleeping in the wilderness. Those who settle down with 140 cams and Rock and Ice magazines sprawed out in the adventure vehicle of choice. These are words for the worthy.

POC Newsletter 10/29/2013


The Kooky Kayakers headed to the Ocoee River last weekend. Since Nathan lost an paddle during POCtoberfest, he was properly punished. Apparently he looks good while wearing a mini shirt while kayaking.

There was an outdoor bouldering competition last weekend at Holy Boulders in Illinois. A group of armsy men traveled south to climb, but really they were in it for the donut burgers, the free t-shirts, and so Max could accidentally kick the climbing judge in the nuts. Twice. While wearing a Power Rangers costume. He didn't even have to pay the guy. (see Vegas, 2013)

Five guys and a granny went hang gliding in North Carolina. We jumped in the ocean (well, Simon fell...) in super cold weather, ate spaghetti, and definitely did not sneak into the Wright Brother's Memorial in the dead of night. Fly fly fly! I also have some cool hang gliding calendars for sale if you're interested. They're for an excellent cause.


Caesar reveals that snowsports season begins soon, so get your board waxed.

We're looking to get a wilderness first aid program to visit. It'll be a weekend long event and will provided training based on what to do if something goes wrong and you're more than 30 minutes away from help. Look for emails from Ellen Wright. This is an awesome opportunity because we're in these situations a lot, and we want to make sure everyone is safe.

Max is going to hold a Bike and Build callout soon, so watch your email. Registration starts November 12th, but you're welcome to sign up after that.

The climbing lock-in will be held at Hoosier Heights Indy on Saturday, November 23rd until Sunday, November 24th. It will be about $17 and we'll be having a pizza party. Even if you don't climb, there's plenty of other fun activities and we get to stay all night long. Seriously a great night, so watch your email for the sign-up list.

The kayaking lock-in is currently being planned and hopefully will fall on a Saturday night in November. There will e pizza and shenanigans for all in the diving well at the rec center.

Our community service event in Muir Valley will be the weekend of November 16th. If you haven't signed up yet, fill this out. You also must join the rider board if you want a ride down there! If you need more information, just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

POCAR POCAR POCAR Get your boots ready for this year's 48 hour orienteering race through Yellowwood State Forest. Using nothing but a compass and a map, teams wander through the woods to find certain check points in the trees. This occurs on MLK Jr. weekend in January and is the POC's biggest fundraiser. We have amateur and professional teams alike. Last year, only 7 of 50 teams succeeded! We're always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in learning how to orienteer and help us set up the course, we have a beginner trip on November 9th or 10th (it will be a day trip). Contact Boy Scout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested. Look for registration to be open very soon!

The kayakers are still taking trips, even though the water may be getting cold. We're too hardcore to stop. So continue coming to roll sesh and perfecting those rolls!

We're trying to get a showing of Reel Rock 8 to come to Purdue. It's an awesome climbing documentary that is sure to motivate you to Trym your hardest. (YEAH I said it).

To all the men, the women, the greats:
To all the jumpers of every gate:
To all the travelers, the makers of love:
Leave what you know
And climb high above

Because there's only one life
There's only right now
Shed all your possessions
Forever leave this town

Leave here tomorrow
And take all you know
This world is your wheels
And it's time to go.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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