Newsletter 10/15/2013

To all the bearded barbarians brandishing bravery and banishing boredom in the backcountry: we salute you.

Following is your weekly subscription to Backcountry Beards.


A new-old initiative is being reactivated. In the days of old, POCers have been known to get a little lengthy while recounting their great adventures. In the past, the almighty Keeper of the Sock would take an old, stanky, rank, cranky, dank sock and shove it in the pipe hole of he who spoke for too long. BEHOLD! We have a new Keeper, and although their identity is still a mystery, beware! If you take too long telling your stories during meetings, you may find a soggy foot covering in your mouth.


POCtoberfest was a huge success this year thanks to our awesome co-coordinators, Mike and PJ! Stories shall be told of our time in West Virginia; of our great triumphs in the Gorge we hold so dear, of our even greater fostering of community and love within the POC, and of our intellectual might, crafting puns and passing gourds as though we were Greek gods and goddesses. And though our time may pass, and our lives diverge, our stories will carry on. We, my friends, are legends. WE ARE POC.

After such an amazing weekend, you'd think we'd give it a rest. I think not! A whole rag-tag group of us headed to the Red last weekend to celebrate Rocktoberfest, an inspiring weekend of climbing, community, and gear winnage for all in attendance. But those you see on Purdue's campus were not all those in attendance. We had the enormous opportunity to spend some time with some gnar POC alumns. Past president Andy Constantino, former Purdue Rec Wall Setters Trevor Bianchi and Peter Schmalzried, and power couple Amy Buckman and Isaac Bradley were there, to name a few. The POC had such a strong presence at this event that the bluegrass band dedicated a song to us. We got people to chant "POC POC POC" who didn't even know the depth of their words. Oh, and we swept the competition. Ryan, Peter, Theresa, Jeanne, Donny, and Joef were among our climbing comp victors. And that's not all. Theresa won the women's arm wrestling competition while Kane placed fourth in the men's. POC dom!
 inates. We also got to hang with Kentucky University Outing Club members too. Building community is what this club is all about, and this weekend was the most fun that a lot of us has ever had within the POC.


You're gonna be hearing a lot more about POCAR from now until January. This 48 hour orienteering race is put on by the POC every MLK Jr. weekend as our major fundraiser for the year. We need experienced orienteers to help set the course, which means YOU have to jump on some orienteering trips so you can learn the fabulous skill of finding your way through the woods using nothing but a compass and a map.


Get to kayaking roll session! The kayakers are taking an invite-only group to the East Race this weekend to take the adventure virginity of some of our new kayakers. What do you have to do to get on these trips? First, like I said, go to roll session! Secondly, perfect you roll and then you will be qualified to take a guided trip outdoors. Keep your eyes on your email for roll sesh times.

This weekend is the bouldering competetion here at Purdue's own climbing wall! You can sign up on Purdue's Rec Sports page for $20. A new crash pad is one of the prizes. Scared because you don't think you're good enough? I'm calling bullshit. There are beginner divisions that are fit for everyone! Don't be shy and come hang out with me at the bouldering wall this Saturday. :)

Bucket 100 is this weekend. Some of our members will be riding bicycles from Purdue to IU in two days in order to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. You go Boilermakers!

Mike is going to a Blackhawks game this weekend.

November 16th is the POC Community Service day! We'll be heading to Muir Valley to help build some trails for the greater good. Not a climber? Fear not! This trip is for all POCers including hikers and mountain bikers. Keep yo eyes peeled for an email.


Long ago, in a land not far away, Bearded Men of POC past put aside $400 in the hopes of building a climbing wall for Purdue University. Well, we got a climbing wall all right, and not a penny of that $400 was spent. So now we've got $400. Whatever shall we do with it? On October 15th, 2013, members in attendance of the Purdue Outing Club meeting voted unanimously to delegate the former climbing wall fund to the purchase of two bouldering pads (one large, one small), a stick clip, and paying off that spool of rope we just bought. Thank you dearly to those past members who made a contribution to the former climbing wall fund. You will be promptly added to the legends list.

So, to all you extraordinarily emphatic, exponentially enlightened, extracurricularly experienced exterior extraordinares, we thank you for the time.

Adventure on, travelers.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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