Newsletter 10/01/2013

Hello you rick-wrappin, cracka-lackin, hammock-nappin, squack backers,

Here’s the weekly POC Newsletter:


Each car must have one laminated emergency contact list. Get these from Pres. Schmid. These are only to be used in case of an, you guessed it, emergency. Like if you crash your car or something of the like. Don’t call these numbers for directions or something less important that you can get from someone else. We’re having the pizza partySunday night. You already paid for it when you paid for POCtoberfest. Tell PJ (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have any allergies. Organize your tent with your car. You’ll be splitting gas with your car. You are responsible for feeding yourself, whether that means lying in wait as you prey browses unknowingly through the underbrush, or just heading to Wal-Mart with your car-mates. When you get to ACE (the campsite) pick up a parking pass from the envelope hanging outside of the main building, then drive up to the campsite. Remember that this event is alcohol-free. See ya this weekend!


Some dirtbags headed to the Red for Muir Valley’s Trail Day and some climbinses. They ran into some POC alums, but more importantly, they met Ashima, a 12 year old Chinese chick who climbs 5.14 and needs to get her hair fixed desperately. She’s a star, and I’m pretty jealous.

The mountain bikers went to the Brown County Breakdown last weekend, where they brokedown on some sick nasty rad sauce brand spankin new mountain bikes. Also, the POC has four new mountain bikes that ride like a dream (if you’re into to that pansy shit. They really run like badass mofo rough tough gazelles). 

Some Men With Calves participated in a Windmill ride the other day. These cyclers cycled their roadbikes right up to the windfarm north of campus. All-in-all, it was about 45 miles long.

9 kayakers, mostly beginners, went to the East Race over the weekend. It was some of their first times on the water. Like usual, the POC has taken the adventure virginity of its new members.


Get your gear in. Like now. If you have gear without our permission, we are very frustrated with you. If you’re holding onto gear, we will revoke your membership to the club. You have until Wednesday. On Thursday, we will begin checking out gear for P-fest so watch your email to see when the closet will be open.

Email Laura if you have an awesome song that you think deserves designation as a POC theme song. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Certified drivers need to turn in their web certification page to the Club Sports office. Immediately.


Tomorrow, Max will be holding a tutorial on how to clean a climbing route. If you are belay certified and you don’t know how to clean, you should come. If you are belay certified and you have no idea what cleaning is, you should come. If you are not belay certified, don’t worry about it at this point. Watch your email so you know when this will be held.

And that, you hack-dog, jump-frog, butt-sog, leaf peeper, is this week’s POC Newsletter. Now off you go to get an adventure boner.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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