Newsletter 9/24/13

Good evening friends of the most awesomest club in the universe!

Today I am filling in for our outstanding secretary, Sara Weaver! She, like most of you I'm sure, is busy, busy, busy with exams!

Club business time! Mountain bikers were too noisy to know when the meeting started. Tsk tsk.


The wonderful caving consultant, Keeli, took some jokers into a cave somewhere. There were not too many details about it except that it was super fun and some people were lame and dropped the trip last minute. You meanies who cancelled two hours before the trip left missed out on some fantastic spelunking!

Gauley fest! It rained so the climbers were too wimpy to go, but the kayakers had great times in the creek. The rain made it hard to see, but no one got hurt, so it was a successful weekend for the kayakers. Caesar bought a T-shirt and I'm super jealous of it.

A guy who is also named Alex but is not Schmidberhutgeur, the president, went on quite the adventure. He and somebody named Nick decided that it would be a FANTASTIC idea to go night the rain...and did I mention at night? Well, those two left at around 8PM on bikes, pedaling against raindrops. Then they hiked for nearly 12 miles, attempting to practice orienteering by looking for small 10-foot lakes (AKA blue specks on a map). They found four of them and got done hiking at nearly 6AM the next day! Talk about POCAR training!

A trip to the Red happened a while ago. Much fun was had.


Our biking consultants are taking a trip to do Brown County Breakdown. Sam already e-mailed the list about it, but if you have any more questions about it, e-mail him (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or any other biking consultant. This is not really a beginner-friendly trip. You should have mountain biked before if you want to join in. It'll be tons of fun. There are six open seats, so jump on that!

The official Muir Valley Trail Day is this Saturday at around 9AM. If you want to go to this one, sign up at
If you have a car, then grab some cool dudes and get your little tonky honk down there! It is very possible that people are going to be climbing afterwards because, I mean, you're already at Red River Gorge! Talk to our pal, Caleb Lattinerd, if thinking about it.
Laura says that instead of climbing, you could be her cool adventure buddy and go hiking with her. This is legit, so e-mail her (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you want to have a great weekend of volunteering and hiking!

There is a beginner kayaking trip at East Race this weekend. Miles and Caesar are organizing it. If you have been invited, then you are super special because not everyone is invited. Tough apples. The Roll Session tomorrow is reserved only for these people. Don't go otherwise.

There is a Thursday beginner ROAD (not mountain) BIKING trip with Caleb and Max. One of them will send out a future e-mail with all of the deets on it, but here's the skinny: It'll be approximately 35 miles, you will hug windmills, pizza may or may not be involved at the end, bring a headlamp. It will leave around 4-5PM and get back around 7-8PM. Make sure that you have a helmet, which you can rent from the gear closet, and you have a road bike. Not a cheap-o bike from Walmart. That just won't cut it. If you don't have a road bike, borrow one from a friend or e-mail Max (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and he'll try to hook you up with one. The reason for this ride is training for an amazing fundraising bike ride, called Bucket 100. Go here and register, yo.

The Alex who did night orienteering is hoping to get some sweet peeps down to the Smokey Mountains to orienteer some time during October break for anyone not going to POCtoberfest.


There are only two more weekends 'til POCtoberfest!
You will not need any sport gear from the gear closet for POCtoberfest. The gear consultants will be taking it all. For things such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, stoves, etc., you must provide your own (i.e. renting from the gear closet). However, you must return all of the checked out items BEFORE POCtoberfest and then re-check them out later. Sorry, but that's how it's gotta be done. When checking out a tent, you should coordinate with your car as to who will bring one. Share with your car. It makes life so much easier.
Before and after POCtoberfest, we will be washing sleeping bags. So return those. Unless you want to sleep in an icky, sweaty, smoky, dirty sleeping bag. In that case, still return it cause we need it.
Again, RETURN ALL GEAR BY NEXT TUESDAY. No exceptions. Give us back our stuff.

The driver board will be coming out for POCtoberfest within a day or so. We must have TWO Rec Sports Certified Drivers per car. Just because you have a driver's license or have your car, does NOT mean you are a certified driver. It must be done through Rec Sports. You should get an e-mail from the Division of Recreational Sports once you have been processed. Hopefully, you turned all of your stuff in by Friday of last week, Some people have already gotten the confirmation e-mails, but some have not. Don't fret. Different states will take longer. Our president, for example, has not gotten a confirmation e-mail yet because of his Washington driver's license (which makes no sense as to why a person from Minnesota has a Washington license just because he has a motorcycle, but that's a different story...). If you have not done so already, go get driver certified!

Once the driver board comes out, please say if you have a rack for bikes or kayaks!

PAY PJ OR MIKE FOR POCTOBERFEST BY THIS THURSDAY! If you do not pay up, then you will be booted off of the waiting list. And that would suck. If you just absolutely cannot meet either of them during the times that they say, just shoot an e-mail to PJ telling him when YOU are free and can pay.


If you are interested at all in rock climbing, go down to the climbing wall in the basement in the Co-Rec and sign up for a top-rope belay class. This is especially true for if you are going to POCAR. They are only six dollars and will teach you all about safety and knots and belaying. Do it. You know you want to do it. Make sure to show up fifteen minutes early for your class, too. Be a teacher's pet because the teachers are either gonna be our vice president or our climbing consultant. Get on their good sides, duh!
And while you are at the wall, climb! Practice and get goooooood! Then get super good and sign up for the lead belay class! It's twenty dollars and you learn all about safe clipping and belaying techniques. Plus, you get a super cool black belay tag, which is waaaaay more fashionable than the ugly orange ones.

NEXT WEEK there will be a "class" in Max's house about how to clean routes. If you are climbing at POCtoberfest, go! Stay tuned for an e-mail from him about that.

Okay, well that's it! Here is an adorable video that is a perfect representation of me right now.

Have a killer rest of the week! And best of luck to you all in remaining exams!

-Mariah Miller

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