Newsletter 09/17/2013

Calling all adventure goonies!

This is your one-stop shop for all things sPOCtacular; read on for this week’s newsletter.


An entire squad of spunky backpackers convened on Red River Gorge for a weekend full of shenanigans. During this beginner-friendly trip, two things absolutely DID NOT happen: 1. They were not lost for two hours. 2. They did not use a tree to break another tree. The end.

Another battalion traveled to the Gorge to go climb on stuff. They did just that.

The mountain bikers took on all of Ohio and won, of course. I mean, it’s Ohio.


Driver’s Certification was a bust. Except we got pizza. We’ll try again next Tuesday, 7pm, Boilermaker Room of the CoRec. You need to bring a bunch of stuff and do the online quiz and I don’t know how any of that works because I’m “not a functioning member of society.” Whatever that means. Max will send out a follow-up email on this subject.

If you are CPR/First aid certified, send A COPY (front and back) of your CPR certification card to Katherine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “POC CPR” in the subject line.

We need our gear back before POCtoberfest. Our closet is slowly but surely being whipped into shape, but there’s still a lot of gear missing. ALL GEAR MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE POCTOBERFEST. End of story.


Nathan is taking some cool cats night diving tomorrow under the full moon! If you’re certified, definitely take advantage of this sick nasty opportunity.

There’s a beginner climbing trip going out this weekend to Red River Gorge. Only 15-20 are going to be able to go, so sign up on the google doc attached to an email that will be sent out tonight or tomorrow. It definitely helps if you’re at least top-rope belay certified, so sign up for a class at Purdue’s wall! No big if you’re not certified, but you get brownie points if you are. If you are going, make sure you have your own harness and shoes, or check them out from the closet. Remember, check out is only for the weekend. Don’t hog our shit.

Keeli had a massive amount of people sign up for the caving trip this Sunday. Unfortunately, she can only take a few. She will be contacting the first people who signed up by email to let them know that they are invited. Never fear though, there will be plenty of opportunities to go caving throughout the year.

Gauley Fest is this weekend! It’s closed to kayakers, but climbers/hikers/mountain bikers are still able to sign up. This is an awesome kayaking festival held in West Virginia, but not just kayakers are invited. The local New River Gorge is a fabulous place to do all the other sports. Sign up on this Google Doc if you are interested.

Get excited for the Outing Club’s first community service (I think it’s the first; I’ve heard no news otherwise). On the weekend of November 16, we’ll be headed to Red River Gorge to help maintain Muir Valley, a major climbing destination. We’ll leave Purdue Friday night, wake up in the Gorge, help the Webers (owners of Muir) with the park, camp again Saturday night, and have all day Sunday to do whatever we want. “Whatever we want” includes rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and having an all-around sPOCtacular time. (I really like that… sPOCtacular! It rolls right off the tongue). Anyway, it’ll be an awesome weekend with fabulous folks so when the google doc comes out, sign right up.

POCtoberfest is coming up soon! We’ve had an incredible amount of interest this year. 104 people signed up. Right now, we only have space for 60 people, but we’re working on getting more. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough gear or trip leaders to accommodate 104 people, so we’re working on logistics. Until then, keep getting pumped. We’ll let you know what develops. Remember, absolutely no alcohol at this official club event, no matter what your age.

Off you go, goonie. I expect a full report at next week’s meeting.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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