Newsletter 09/10/2013

Dear Danger-Seeker,

Searching for some thrills? Then this is everything you've been waiting for with this week’s edition of What-I-Did-Last-Weekend-Was-Much-More-Awesome-Than-What-You-Did Adventure Magazine.


This week, we had Doug Taylor, Executive Director of Lafayette Habitat for Humanity, talk to the club about an awesome backpacking expedition to Haiti. Hikes go out every two months and last 8 days. On your expedition, you will get to experience Haitian culture first hand, stay in Haitian homes at night, and have an all-around life changing experience in this beautiful country. Next Tuesday at 7pm at the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in Lafayette, Doug will be holding a discussion for those interested in participating. Meet a Haitian guide, eat Haitian food, and listen to Haitian music- what could possibly be cooler on a Tuesday night? Learn more at


Not a lot went on last weekend; too damn hot. BUT check the FUTURE section to see all the rad events happening next weekend.

Nathan and someone whose name I failed to catch because I’m bad at my job went scuba diving through an underwater wonderland. I mean a bus.


Ryan, our handy-dandy co-climbing consultant, is planning a trip to Hoosier Heights climbing gym in Indy in the next couple days. This is a great opportunity for those beginner climbers who are interested in learning what’s more to the climbing world than Purdue’s gym. Also, you get to meet Ryan and get a step ahead of the game when he starts planning beginner trip outdoors.

Speaking of outdoor beginner climbing trips, RyRy is working on planning one of those in the next three weeks. Knowing how to belay will help you get a spot on the trip. Don’t know how to belay? Take a class at the Purdue climbing wall. The RyMan and his trusty steed (I mean sidekick) POC VP Max will be your instructors.

Ever heard of Bucket 100? It’s a two day bike ride from Purdue to IU put on by Habitat for Humanity. To participate, you’ve got to fundraise a Benjamin (which is surprisingly easy). You average 60 miles a day on your bike. Like me, you’re thinking, “Holy crap no way.” BUT plenty of cyclists who have never ridden a bike more than two miles at once have participated in the ride and been successful. (Heck, that’s exactly what Caleb did last year and now he’s helping to coordinate the race this year). Bikes are available to rent from the Cycling Club. For more info, attend a callout this week in PHYS 110. Wed 7-8 pm, Thurs 8-9 pm.

Driver Certification meeting will be held next Tuesday at 6:30 pm (note the change in regular meeting time) in the Boilermaker Room of the CoRec. Pizza will be provided. Bring your driver’s license and a copy of your insurance card. Look out for Max’s email for more info.


Lots going on these next few weeks.

We’ve got a beginner backpacking trip to Red River Gorge with about 25 people, which is super sick nasty.

Also this weekend, keep an eye out for Theresa’s emails about a climbing trip to Red River Gorge.

POCtoberfest!!! It’s quickly approaching and guaranteed to be your favorite experience at Purdue thus far. The whole lot of us POCers hop in cars and mosey our way to the New River Gorge in West Virginia for the entire weekend of fall break (Oct 4-8). Every sport in the POC hosts events at the Gorge. $56 gets you four nights of camping, a pizza party, and other fees covered. An extra $6 will get you a super rad t-shirt. You’ll have to split gas money between the people in your car. Once PJ sends out the link for registration, jump on that shit. We’ve only got 60 spots and they fill up fast. This year’s shirt has yet to be designed. If you are an artistic protégé (and even if you’re not) send your t-shirt designs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your shirt design wins, you get the shirt for free. POCtoberfest is extremely beginner friendly. Still, we encourage people who plan to rock climb to take a belay class at the CoRec if you don’t know how. Kayakers are not accepting beginners for this trip. You need to perfect your roll at roll session and take a beginner trip to the East Race before they’ll take you on tougher rivers like what you’ll see at the New. Mountain bikers encourage newbies to take a mountain biking trip with the club here in Indiana before heading east.

For POCtoberfest and the Driver’s Certification meeting, you must be members of the POC. That means that you’ve filled out the waiver and paid your dues.

I heard something about something in the mountain biking world—a possible trip to Cotton Hill? I’m sure there will be emails about it.

Gauley Fest is the weekend of the 20th and a bunch of climbers and maybe some kayakers are heading to the New River Gorge in West Virginia in order to kick the shenanigans up a notch. If climbing, it’s encouraged that you take a belaying class at the CoRec so you can go. Kayakers, you can’t go unless you’ve perfected your roll, so keep going to roll session! The Head Kayakers in Charge will let you know if you’re invited on the trip.

On the weekend of the 28th, a select group of mountain bikers are heading to Brown County Breakdown for the biggest mountain biking gathering in Indiana. Keep your eyes on the list for more information.

Now POCers, go out among the world and bathe in all the glorious experiences you can before next week’s edition of What-I-Did-Last-Weekend-Was-Much-More-Awesome-Than-What-You-Did Adventure Magazine.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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