Newsletter 08/27/2013

Hello my fellow world-is-my-backyardigans!

Welcome to this week’s exciting edition of… things we do and stuff.


Laura and small group of folks went meandering at Shades Park, approximately an hour away.

Four of the Kayakers went to the Hometown Throwdown at East Race near South Bend. Our kayakers have been extremely active this year already. You go guys!


THE CALLOUT IS TOMORROW. WTHR 200, 7pm. In preparation, we are gathering for some late-night chalking and flyer hangin’ tonight at 10:45 pm. If you would like to help us chalk to advertise the callout, please meet at the Engineer Fountain. Again, that’s at 10:45 tonight!

Also, at the callout, we need members to help hand out waivers. The fall callout is when we make most of our money to spend on gear during the fall, so if you can help us during this imperative event, you will be paraded above our heads as your unworthy onlookers cast roses and trinkets of gold in your direction. But really, there are usually 1,000 people there. We need help. Also, wear your gear! Climbers, cavers, backpackers- whatever you got, put your body inside of it and wear it proudly so we can show all the potentials just how cool we are.

That 14er trip to Colorado is still happening. It’s closed now though. As a brief side note, for those of you who didn’t know, a 14er is any peak taller than 14,000ft. The brave on this trip are attempting to summit three of them after driving 20 hours through the night, Friday. As reward for their hard work, they get to drive 20 hours back on Monday. Sounds like a raving good time.

On the docket for Kayakers is a trip to North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee. They are challenging the Ocoee River and some others to bring it on. But as always, the kayakers are gonna bring it and the water won’t stand a chance. You’ve got to have your roll down if you want to go. There’s still one more roll session on Wednesday (check your email) so there’s still a chance for you to be on this trip.

For all you backpacking beasts, Laura (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is planning a trip to the Pictured Rocks in Northern Michigan. She’s already got two cars signed up so if you want to go you need to send her an email.

One more thing- the orienteers are planning a trip to scope out some potential sites for POCAR this year. What is orienteering, you may ask? It’s using a topographical map and a compass to plunder your way through the woods trying to look for stuff. It’s like a treasure hunt. If you’re up for some camping and hiking and learning, this is right up your alley.

Also, some climbers are going to meet up at the Red, but I think all the cars are full. If you have experience and a car and want to take some beginners out, email the list! We wanna get the new folkies outside. We’ll see ya at Miguel’s.

Wow, we’ve got an eventful weekend. No one has any excuse to stay home.


New members cookout next Tuesday in place of the meeting. 500 Hayes Street, 7pm. We’ll bring the meat (and veggies) if you bring your brand spanking new POC member asses to the house. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Even if you’re 21, no. This is a POC event and will not be tolerated. Everyone welcome.

The driver certification meeting will be the Tuesday after the cookout. You will need your driver’s license and your insurance card. We’ll provide the pizza. Tuesday, Sept. 10, 7pm, Boilermaker Room of the Dova. You don’t actually have to have a car to become a driver. You don’t actually have to drive during the trip if you don’t want to.

If you are CPR certified, take your card to the Club Sports Office in the CoRec (Dova, same thing). Tell them you’re in the Outing Club. The administration likes certified peeps.

Keep your ears to the ground for a tie-dying event soon.


That took forever. But more power to our club for doing so much rad stuff.

Relax and Look Ahead,


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