POC Newsletter 8/20/2013

Yo POCers,

Here’s your weeky dose of POC badass-ness from your friendly neighborhood secretary.

First up, PJ won the flier photo comp, so keep your eyes posted for some sick posters advertising our callout. More on that later.


Because we didn’t want the meeting to last nine years, we challenged members to describe their summer in five words or less. Here’s the result.

Max A. (VP): Biked across country for affordable housing.
Unfortunately, he escaped falling from the Million Dollar Highway, a treacherous dropoff in Colorado. So now we have to put up with him for another year.
Alex S. (Head Nerd Pres.): Pacific coast camping, cold nipples.
        Also worked for Boeing, which is not as cool as the Pacific, apparently.
Caesar (Kayaking Consultant): Organic chemistry, Ocoee kayaking
Katie: Serengeti National Park
Nathan (Kayaking Consultant): Scuba diving in Key West
Keeli (Caving Consultant): Panama jungle adventures. Trees.
Peter: Yosemite backpacking; snow in June
Laura (Backpacking Consultant): Columbia, Washington State, gardening
Lillian: Climbed some 14ers.
Mariah: Mountaintop sushi
Sara (Me; Secretary): Hang gliding instructor in Outer Banks
Mike (POCtoberfest Co-coordinator): West Virginia mountain momma
Steven: The Red. First lead climb.
Alec: California building rockets; beachside climbing
Graham: Colorado River backpacking
PJ (POCtoberfest Co-Coordinator): Summer camp in West Virginia
Ellen: Climbing in Catalonia, Spain
Katherine (Climbing Consultant; Health and Safety Officer): whitewater rafting, whale watching

I didn’t really catch everything because everyone talks too fast. Not my problem. Eli and Julie also did cool stuff that I didn’t catch.


We need our gear back. It’s in every email, every newsletter; just get it done. We need it for POCtoberfest and other club events. Note on the climbing shoes/harnesses: those are not for you to keep all year. Keep them for a week or two and let someone else use them, you hog. Shit’s expensive. That goes for the other gear as well.

We’ve got club mountain bikes that are not currently in the closet, but soon will be. So if you were looking to borrow one, we’ve gotcha covered.


Labor Day 14er trip headed to Colorado. Registration is closed. Sorry sucker.

Our callout is the August 28th, 7pm, WTHR 200. Be there or be… well, we don’t talk about people who don’t show up for callouts. It’s a long and arduous tale lacking both adventure and excitement. On the other hand, if you come, fun shall be had by all. There’s also rumor of free food. It’s actually a rumor but I feel like by including it I’m putting more pressure on Alex to make it happen because it just might.

Sometime after the callout there may be a cookout. We’ll provide the meat. And the other meat.

POCtoberfest! We need certified drivers! We’re going to host a certified drivers meeting on one of these Tuesday nights. Bring your laptop, your driver’s license, and a copy of the front and back of you or your parent’s insurance card. You do not have to have a car to become a certified driver. There will be pizza. We need certified drivers for POCtoberfest or else we won’t be able to put the fest in POCtoberfest. Also for POCtoberfest we need CPR/First Aid certified people. Take the class or have your certification card. Katherine will expand on both of these topics later but keep ear to the ground about when the driver/pizza meeting will be.

And always remember:

Relax and look ahead,


PS: If you are a hang gliding pilot, let me know immediately. I've got some ideas to spew.

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