Newsletter 4/2/13 - ELECTIONS

Hey Nuggets.

Grylls copped out of his secretary responsibilities this week, using it as an excuse to "train" next year's secretary. Yeah, that's me. I'll forgive him, and thanks for electing me! I'm excited and stuff.

---Added by Admin:  ELECTION RESULTS!

President - Alex Schmidberger
Promotions - Max Andreychak
Secretary - Sara Weaver
Faculty Advisors - Lev Gorenstein, John Patterson
Treasurer - Caroline Kelemen
Webmaster - Trevor Settles
Health & Safety Advisor - Katherine Allemeier
Backpacking Consultants - Laura Johnson, Katie Marsh
Slacklining Consultant - Ryan Smith 
Climbing Consultants - Katherine Allemeier, Ryan Smith
Caving Consultants - Katherine Dennis, Keeli Curtis
Biking Consultants - Mike Jankowicz, Sam Moan, Evan Axthelm
Kayaking Consultants - Nathan Misenheimer, Caesar Ong, Mary Towers, Miles Evans

POCAR Organizers
Stephen Burd (Coordinator)
Sara Weaver (Registration)
Laura Johnson (Volunteers)
Caroline Schier (Sponsors)
Alex Steenman (Sponsors)

Gear Consultants:
Caleb Lattimer
Mike Kukurugya
Mitch Rosandich
Becky Bercich 
POCtoberfest - Mike Kukurugya, Paul "PJ" Ryan
Master Hammockers - Laura Johnson, Becky Bercich
POCtographers - Mariah Miller, Mitch Zielinski


-Grylls hid his eggs from Jesus.

-Purdue 360 is this Thursday and is a major recruitment opportunity for the POC. We check in Thursday at 10:30. Check-in is essential; if we don't check in on time, the club is charged. It starts at 11:00 am and lasts until 2:00 on the Memorial Mall. We'll be handing out flyers, and you're gonna help out 'cuz there's free food. Nathan Misenheimer is responsible for bringing a bunch of gear to display, like a kayak. Regardless, bring your own gear so you can show all the potentials how cool we are. Sign up on this Google Doc.

-The number of people who plan on staying at Purdue over the summer determines if the POC has club meetings over the summer. 

-Think the club needs some gear? Contact your spazz-tastic consultants. We've got the budget meeting coming up in two weeks. 

-WE'RE MOVING THE GEAR CLOSET NEXT TUESDAY in place of having a meeting. Moving begins at 5pm at the current closet in Lambert and pizza will be provided. If you're checking out gear from the closet, you should feel obligated to come and help. 



-Bunch of the Nuggets are going to the Red this weekend to climb. Here's the link to the ride board. We really need drivers. In the end, it is your responsibility to secure a ride; once a car is full, it's full.

-Grylls is running the Spartan Race on April 27th and has thus claimed the GoPro. Lots of other Nuggets seemed interested in running as well. 

-Boiler Sprint Triathlon is this weekend. I know nothing about that.



Master Nugget Max A. is biking across the country this summer, and needs your help to raise nearly $2,000. He was out near Stanley Coulter today on his stationary bike getting pied in the face for some cash. He's thinking about organizing a windmill ride soon. It's 40 miles, but at the same time it's "beginner friendly," which is contradictory but Theresa and I are probably going so if we can do it, you can. It'll be a few dollars toward a good cause. Maybe the weekend before deadweek? More info on this later. Anyway, if you're interested in donating, here's yet another link.


Later Nuggets.

Sara Weaver

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