Newsletter 3/5/13

Club Business:

The club will be participating in early April in an event called Purdue 360. We have one day, the Sports-themed day, to strut our stuff, so think about small demonstrations (slack-lining, kayak in portable pool, etc) that we could/would want to do.

Max went ahead with the official club Go-Pro purchase. The Go-Pro will reside with him for now, and over Spring Break. To request use of the Go-Pro, you must be an officer and/or a well-known and well-trusted club member. After elections, the club photographer will take the lead in guarding the Go-Pro.

We had a short dialogue to address another incident where an inappropriate story made it's way into an official POC medium. Presenting ourselves as a serious, rule-abiding club is crucial to achieve continued access to university facilities and gear (OUR gear isn't really ours....) so when telling a story, pretend as if Michelle is literally in the meeting watching you tell your story and judging you. If you don't keep that in mind, any member with any leadership responsibilities or aspirations, or any common sense at all, will silence you. It sucks to call out your friends, but you wouldn't have those friends if the club had been disbanded because our forebearers opted to not follow this advice. If no one steps in, at the very least, do not write down these stories.

Elections are fast approaching and keep your nominations coming. If you have leadership aspirations, speak up and let people know. With so many graduating, it's getting confusing. If you have been nominated and can't do it, let people know, it's getting confusing.

Trips that went out:

Nothing. No trips went out.

Trips that are going out: 

If you aren't on one right now, you aren't going.


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