POC Newsletter 2/26/2013

Good mornin’, fellow POCers!


I was once again designated the task of note-taking with the absence of our lovely secretary Brad, whom I assume was eaten by bears or something along those lines.


Trips that went out last weekend:

The climbing lock-in at Hoosier Heights was freaking sweet. We stayed up all night, or at least attempted to not fall asleep. By the time it got to be around 6AM, there were lots of people sprawled out sleeping. (Unfortunately, there were no sleep-walkers There was crate-stacking, wall Twister, crate tug-o-war, and swinging around on ropes. Oh, and climbing/bouldering. It was pretty cool and there were tons of funny hats. Mine, of course, was the best, but I’m not one to brag. Alex Schmidberger claims to have won the crate tug-o-war in the “open division,” but I think that he just made that up. Everyone knows that Brad Hoover kicked butt. 

Before the lock-in on Saturday, Ian Dryg and Isaac Bradley led a caving trip in a cave called Doghill Donahue. It was totally awesome and everyone had fun. There were adorable little frozen bats, deep pools of cold water, and mud. Lots of mud. I still have some clay in my hair, I’m sure. Afterward, we went to Golden Corral and I drank a whole bowl of chocolate from the chocolate fountain because that’s what I thought people normally do. Then we showered and went to the lock-in for some more awesome fun. The trip was mostly to train younger people to be future caving consultants. Those who went were told that we all have to lead a trip now, so there will hopefully be more caving in the club’s future.


Trips that are going out:

There is a big event that is happening at Peter Schmalzried’s house this weekend. If you want to know about it, then ask him about it….

Max Andreychak is going to go to HHI on Thursday to let the people who know who they are practice lead belaying. If you want to go to go, beginners are welcome. See his e-mail about that, and get a hold of Max if you want more information. They’ll leave at about 4:30PM on Thursday, and I believe it’ll cost around $20 including gas.

Spring Break trips! If you don’t know about them… get over it because you’re not going. They’re basically all closed and you’ll have to have a lame Spring Break. Sucks to suck.


Max finally bought the club a GoPro. He went to REI to buy it, but the manager was being a jerk and wouldn’t accept the check since it was from an organization or something like that. So instead, he bought like thirty things for himself and then bought the GoPro from somewhere else. He got some sick gear for it, too; like a body vest, sticky mounts, a tripod mount, suction cups, and a handle mount. At this time of Max’s gleeful ramblings about shopping, Alex Schmidberger was very bored with the yapping and I got distracted watching him make fun of Max when he wasn’t looking.

We also somehow ended up talking about POCAR again. It is never really over! We made about 6ish to 7ish thousand in profits from it. There were 49 teams, and this was the hardest POCAR yet.

Max thinks more funds should be spent on climbing gear because we had about $12000, but then bought kayaks [and other stuff] and had about $3000. But don’t worry; POCAR brought the club funds back up to about $12000 again.



Added by Admin:

From the Kayaking consultant in regards to club purchases:

Also to correct the misinformation of funds used on kayaking: ~$4500 was used on new kayaks and ~$900 was used to replace defective skirts and missing float bags and add to our inventory to accommodate all the new people that have taken an interest in kayaking recently. There should be plenty of money left in the account to purchase some new climbing gear if we're short or need to replace stuff.




ELECTIONS are Tuesday, March 26th, 2013! This is the Tuesday after the Tuesday after Spring Break. Ian already sent out an e-mail about this. Follow this link to nominate people for officers next year (*cough-cough—me*)!

Be sure to come to this meeting! It is very important to get people’s input on who will be officers next year.


Okay, well, thanks for reading! I would have sent this earlier, but I was busy getting my hair untangled from an ATC..

Here is your complimentary cute cat video:

Have a great day!


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