Newsletter 2/19/13

Good morning all, 

I hope you've managed to chip your way out of your igloos this morning. I apologize for the late newsletter. On my way home from the meeting I became terribly lost and found myself in the middle of the Arctic Tundra. I had to survive with nothing more than some string, a whistle, a magnifying glass, a swiss army knife, and a baloon. I ended up killing a musk oxen with my swiss army knife, skinned it while losing three fingers to frost bite, and made a jacket out of the hide. After crossing three freezing rivers and two mountain passes, I managed to find my way back to Purdue in time for class today.


Amy Max Nathan Sam Evan Mike and others went to Ray's Indoor Fantastic Center. They literally crapped their pants it was so awesome. Apparently the beginner tracks lead straight to the bathroom for this exact reason. Or at the very least the beginner track is astro turf in case you dont make it. They have whoopty whoops. Amy is a boss just so you know. 2 bikes and a helmet broke from too much awesomeness.

We are trying to get a GoPro but it is an epic pain in the ass. More to come on this later.

Ian went to Michigan and Chicago, but not for adventures, but for grad schools.

The lock-in is this weekend. If this is the first you're hearing about it, you obviously dont check email enough.

We are gonna learn how to become blacksmiths.

Max is racing in Covered Indiana the week after finals. 

Dont forget about spring break trips! Check emails for details.

Im a crappy secretary I know. Get over it. See you next week.



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