Quite possibly the most epic POC newsletter you will ever read...

Happy Wednesday to all, and to all a good Wednesday. Let's get to it, shall we??


Unfortunately there is no official club biz-naz at this time. Sorry I won't be able to bore you with POCAR!! this and ELECTIONS!! that. Frankly I'm quite relieved there is no biz-naz this week, cuz aint nobody got time fo dat!

Who Went Where?!?!

Once again, this section of the meeting notes remains empty, a vast barren wasteland upon my college ruled notebook. But it doesn't have to be this way... I believe we can once again restore the epic glory and spirit of adventure that is the Purdue Outing Club. We can restore our broken reputation and our soiled name as the club that didn't do anything exiting last weekend, the club that did not rise to the challenge to meet the new day, despite heartache, fatigue, defeat, hunger, oppression, constipation, or lack of transportation to the Red. We must once again rise from the ashes, like the adrenaline junkie Phoenix that is the Purdue Outing Club, and conquer the wilderness, one scraped knee, one sprained ankle, one concussion, and one disembowelment at a time! For we do not fear the dangers that lie before us, NAY we do not fear death, nor the uncertainty that is the winding mountain bike trail, the whitewater river, the snow capped peak, the bottomless cavern, nor the shear rock wall that lies before us, for we are the Purdue Outing Club, and I will be damned if I shall face another club meeting in which when our valiant leader...Ian... asks the bold question, 'Did anybody do anything cool this weekend?', and not a single soul so much as utters a far cry, for they know very well their weekend was mundane at best, purely pathetic at worst. So rise my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my homies, for we shall take back what is rightfully ours, and we shall reclaim our place amongst mother nature and the danger she brings to the table. This weekend and many more to follow, shall be spoken of around the campfirefire by our children, and our children's children! So drop your cactus cup, smash your schooner against a mighty rock, and trade out those sweatpants for a climbing harness, and go out there and seize the day! CARPE DIEM!! BECAUSE WE ARE THE PURDUE OUTING CLUB, AND WE SHALL NOT HAVE ANOTHER BORING WEEKEND!!!!! SO GO FORTH AND CONQUER YOUR FEARS AND MAY ALL OF YOUR GREATEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!


Indoor mountain biking trip to Milwaukee (not wyoming) this weekend. Odds are if you're interested in going you have already talked to Amy, but if not she has all the details.

Climbing lock-in next weekend Feb 22-23 at Hoosier Heights Indy. Pizza will be included and price is around $15. Sign up on the google doc.

Spring break trips are fast approaching! Climbers are going to Red Rock Canyon, and unless you have a vehicle and are willing to drive, this trip is CLOSED!!! The Kayakers are going to North Carolina, and this is a beginners trip so talk to Ian if you are interested in going. Some people will be mountain biking as well.

That is all folks. Remeber, boring weekends are for the Chess Club!!!


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