POC Newsletter 1/29/13

Hello POCers!!

Brad and Amy are MIA, so somehow I ended up taking the notes for this week's meeting. ( I apologize if this is too long and/or boring for you, I take really detailed notes..

Just so everyone is clear, this is the Purdue Outing Club, not the fencing club or basket-weaving club as Kelly thought.


Trips that went out last weekend:

Alex Schmidberger and six others went out to Morgan Monroe to tear down points from POCAR. Everything went well until Alex Steenman took down point 22 without telling Alex Schmidberger and thus wasting a good amount of time searching for a point that wasn't there. We found all of the points and had Mexican food to celebrate.
For those who do not know what POCAR is, it's over with and everyone is tired of hearing about it so you'll have to wait until next year to know, sorry! But you should totally race or volunteer for it!

Ryan, Peter, PJ, Sara Weaver, and Trym went to Wisconsin for a climbing competition called Quick On The Draw. They all did poorly, except for Sara, who was lucky enough to have won a gift card to Northface in a raffle! They competed in the open division, which is all about 5.11c or higher. Ryan places 15th, Peter placed 18th, Trym placed 23rd, and PJ placed 29th (not last!), and I'm not entirely sure if Sara competed or not, but I'm guessing she got first place and the guys were too embarrassed to tell us. They all stayed at Ryan's house and ordered pizza and had a blast.

Ian is boring and didn't go on any trips.


Trips that are going out:

Not really a POC trip, but there is something called Dare to Bare on Friday at the only ice-skating rink in Lafayette at 7:00 to 8:30. Apparently you ice skate around in your swimsuit which is totally no big deal at all, so you should go do that if you've nothing better to do! I don't know much about it, so ask Kelly for more information if you are interested.

NOT AN OPEN TRIP, but Kyle, an old member who at one time was the club DJ if I heard correctly, is going on a caving trip. He's going with a couple of alumni like Jason [last name I couldn't spell] and Ryan Flemming, and are probably going to Buddha Cave but since it's prone to flooding and bad at draining, they may go to Popcorn Springs or Landscape. (I'm not actually sure if those are the real names of the caves, he was talking quickly and was all the way on the other side of the room.)

Ian wants to have a beginner caving trip sometime in the next month.

There are some spring break trips coming up like climbing at The Red, white water beginner kayaking trip at the Smoky Mountains, and possibly backpacking at Red River Gorge. All of which sound like super duper fun.

In the very, very far future there may be a kayaking/canoeing race thing similar to POCAR. Alex Schmidberger met some MSU people who want him to help organize the race, so we POCers are allowed to race as well! Not many details about it yet except that you'll go down to some river in Michigan on Friday and race Saturday and Sunday. Alex claims that the race involves "flying down the river," but I don't see how that is possible whilst in a boat...


Max Andreychak is doing something awesome.

He is riding in this thing called Bike and Build ( to help raise money and spread awareness for affordable housing. His route starts in North Carolina and, after going through his happy place, Colorado, ends in San Diego. Along the way, he and the other people riding in Bike and Build are making pit stops to build some houses! He decided that this race is more important than that internship that he should have done this summer, so that should convince you guys to maybe try out some biking for yourself!
His route starts May 1st and ends on July 27th and is about 70-110 miles a day. And if he doesn't ride fast enough, then he is going to miss his own dear brother's wedding! But hopefully he won't miss that because he is going to have a wicked farmer's tan that will basically be permanent because it will last until October.
Before the ride starts, however, he needs to raise $4500. All of the money goes to affordable housing. If you didn't come to this week's meeting, then you missed out on some delicious cookies that he baked to raise money. He claims to have never cooked before, but the cookies are really good so I think that he's lying. Come to more meetings and you may be lucky enough to get some of these wonderful baked goods!
If you are a kind soul, then go to this page and donate to Max so that he can make this ride happen But ignore the misleading photo, he is actually a biker, not a horse rider.
Here's a video about Bike and Build
There is apparently an embarrassing music/dance video about Bike and Build. Max was too humiliated to show us, so I won't include the link and tell you that it's totally NOT the related video called This is Why Bike and Build is Hot....

Another cool biking thing that Max is promoting is something called Cover Indiana ( which is a fantastic ride. This is a week-long ride from West Lafayette to Indianapolis and is great to try if you think you may be interested in riding. As a Purdue student, you get free registration for this ride. You can also buy the jersey which costs fifty dollars, but you don't have to buy that if you don't want to buy it. You only have to raise $350 to ride. It is only about 50-60 miles a day until the last day, which is 20 miles PLUS a police escort through Indianapolis and that's really cool cause you get to stop all of the traffic and feel all special inside. Riding this is life-changing, so it is totally recommended to do this one. You don't even need to have a bike. If you don't have one, they can hook you up with one. But not having is a road bike is an excuse because someone did do this on a mountain bike AND someone else did it on a unicycle appa!

Talk to Max if you are interested about possibly riding in the future! Just shoot him an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Also, Alex Schmdifbsrkgdler (typing his last name correctly is really a pain) still has shirts and water bottles for POCAR volunteers. He also has a black headband that is not Jakub's, but looks just like his. And he is still missing two small med kits, so if you've seen them, please let him know!

Forrest is selling raffle tickets or something for Ducks...Unlimited..? I'm not at all sure what that is, but talk to him if you want in on that.

And last, a lesson to all of you: don't leave your Facebook up when you let someone else use your laptop.

Okay, that's it.
Here's a reward for reading this whole thing or at least making it to the bottom Sorry if you don't find this hilarious. Maybe it's just because it's late and I'm tired, but I can't stop laughing.

Hope to see you at the next meeting! (And hopefully a different note-taker will be there for the next meeting.)

Have a great week!


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