Newsletter 1/22/13

Hey Everyone,

Brad's off fighting a bear to impress the ladies, so I'm filling in. Also, he's probably doing something cool with his car.

POCAR never dies

We need people to go pick up points next Saturday. There will be a meal provided and you bring the funk. Also, preparation for next year is already underway. Think about electing next years POCAR coordinators.

Elections are approaching!

We will be electing some new POCAR coordinators: Sponsors and Promotions (acquire prizes), Volunteer Coordinator (acquire volunteers), Race Coordinator (look good with no sleep), and Registration coordinator (register folks at the very last minute and accept their money).

We've moved general elections forward as well, so officers have time to train the incoming officers. Keep a running check-list of who you think can really benefit the club with their leadership, enthusiasm, and expertise. Most consultants and all officers (president, VP, treasurer, health and safety, and gear consultants) are up for grabs. 

Outgoing Trips:

Spring break trips are fast approaching. If you are interested, make sure to practice, practice, and practice and make friends with the folks leading those trips. Keep your ear to the ground for more details.

There will be a mountain-biking trip up to Milwuakee to visit Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park. We haven't set a date yet, but stay tuned. 


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