Weekly newsletter 1/9

Greetings to all of you wonderful POC members out there, I trust you all had a splendid winter break. Let's get back to it, shall we??


Our official callout will be one week from today, Wednesday, Jan 16 at 7pm in the Class of 1950 building. In the mean time, we need to spread the word about just how bitchin' the POC really is! Ian is working on creating an official flyering event so watch for emails from him. Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will be handing out flyers to pedestrians in front of CL50 so they can throw them away at the nearest recycling bin. Talk to Ian if you'd like to help.

POCAR POCAR POCAR POCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, POCAR is finally upon us!! This weekend will be course setting, which is a very important part of a successful race. If you would like to help, we could definitely use you! The more people we have, the sooner we can be done! Right now we have Nick Fico, both Alex S's, me (Brad Grylls), and Amy Olsen that I'm sure of, then possibly Katie, Kyli, Ian, and maybe someone else that I'm forgetting. We are setting approximately 30 checkpoints in teams of two. Only one person in each team needs to be a competent orienteer. As long as you can read a compass and a TOPO map, we can use your help. So if you'd like to learn, we could still use your help. If we manage to get five teams, thats only six checkpoints per team, and we could be home as early as Saturday evening! The plan is to drive down to my house just south of Indy Friday evening, stay the night there (pizza provided), then get up early the next morning and head to Morgan Monroe and try to get the points set before sundown. If you are coming bring a sleeping bag as I do not have bed space for 10 people. My bed can comfortably hold 3 (LADIES?!) Just kidding. Either way it will be a lot of fun and the weather looks good most of the weekend.

There is an email from Alex S with a volunteer carpool signup sheet. If you are volunteering race weekend and you are a certified driver, we will be expecting you to help transport other volunteers and/or gear. We will also be needing people to run patrol on the roads. All fuel will be reimbursed by recreational sports. VERY IMPORTANT!!! IF YOU ARE NOT A CERTIFIED DRIVER, YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR FUEL!!!!!! SO DONT TRY TO TURN IN A REIMBURSMENT FORM. ALL YOU WILL DO IS PREVENT EVERYONE ELSE FROM GETTING REIMBURSED!! That being said, it is very easy to get certified as a driver. Just go to the club sports webpage and any further questions should be directed to Amy Olsen. We also need CPR certified people so talk to Kelly Redmond about that. The schedule for race weekend is: Friday night set up base camp and organize race packets. Saturday morning is registration. After the race begins people will be rotating between running patrols, working fire/water checkpoints, stocking firewood, and running base camp operations. Sunday is the same as well as Monday morning. After the race is complete, we have to break down camp and fire/water stations and make sure all racers are checked out and accounted for. Then we come home Monday afternoon.


Kelly went to Hawaii. She swam to a cave, looked at it, then swam back. She also laid around on the beech. She did not go surfing as she was too terrified of getting eaten by sharks.

3 Butts who were too cool to come to the meeting and tell us of their awesome adventures went bouldering somewhere. Sadly, we will never know the fun times that were had.

Ian went on an epic climbing adventure with Adam, Kumar, Jr, Trymm, Bryce, and Steve. They went to Moab, Utah and climbed the arches with the Mormons. Next they went to Red Rock Canyon in Nevada and climbed there, followed by a night in Vegas they would never forget... if only they could remember. Next they went bouldering in Bishop, California, Followed By Joshua Tree. They then went to LA and climbed Malibu Beech (I didnt know there was anything to climb on the beech) and spent the night with the homeless. Next they went to the Grand Canyon. They couldn't climb it because its way too huge, plus there was too much snow, so they drove to not Alabama but Arkansas th climb at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch before finally heading back home for aa much needed shower.

Caezar and Mary met up with Paul in the UP Michigan to go cross country skiiiiing (i have no ideas how many i's should be in that word)

Laura went to Guatemala and built a house.

Someone I don't know went to Colorado and did some snowshoeing and some unsuccessful mountaineering. They also hung out in Leadville. His sister got frostbite but managed to only lose half her foot and her nose. Just kidding. She's fine.


First of all, if you want something to do this weekend, help us set the POCAR course!! Details above

PJ is going to Red River Gorge and needs a driver if anyone is interested.

Something is happening at Hoosier Heights but I'll be damned if I wrote it down, because for the next three weekends all I care about is POCAR.

That is all. Welcome back and have a good semester.

Brad Grylls

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