Newsletter 12/4/12

Greetings POCheads,

Our valiant leader Mr Ian Dryg was unable to direct us in last night's meeting because while in San Diego California, he was abducted by animal rights groups and held hostage to stop the illegal exotic animal trading of the Slow Loris. If you don't know what a Slow Loris is, watch this video:



We did not have enough people sign up for POC hoodies this year to make them affordable, so we will try again next semester. We will also be trying again to get POC underwear with rock climbing slogans on them like "Slightly Overhung" and "Two Finger Pocket". Good luck with that...

The deadline to sign up for POCAR is December 11. After that you will have to pay an additional $5 per racer. Talk to Max if you have money for him.
Max also has flyers to give out and will be sending an email with the attached flyer for you to print and spread around campus like a bad cold.

Alex and Kelly talked about staying alive while winter camping. If you missed it you will surely freeze, starve, and die the next time you go winter camping. Sucks to be you.

Talk to Alex if you want to help set the course for POCAR, and talk to Kristy if you want to volunteer at POCAR.


The lock-in was fun, and no one was willing to share stories so I can only assume they are too epic for the POC mailing list.


We may be going to HHI on Friday for the graduating Senior POCers. Talk to Max. Cake may be involved.

Other than that, good luck with finals, don't screw up, and keep on keepin' on. See you all in January for POCAR!!!!!


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