Newsletter 11/28/12

I trust everyone had a good break celebrating the pilgrims killing the Indians, taking their land, and giving them smallpox. I know I did!!

Ian went caving on Sunday at Buckner's cave near Bloomington. He plans on going again soon so keep an eye out for an email. Also keep in mind that while some sports get shut down by the cold weather, caving is a year-round sport, because the temperatures in caves never ever changes!!!
Pistol Pete went to the Red River Gorge with a lot of Alumni. They had a bitchin turkey dinner at Miguel's and Pistol had an Ale 8 slushie at a gas station. It was pretty amazing.
Alex went home to Minnesota where they had 2-3 inches of snow to play in. Him and his old high school buddies decided it would be a good idea to burn 4 couches, 2 entertainment centers, and a few old Christmas Trees. But then that got boring so they ran over the fires in their trucks. One got stuck for a bit but that how they do shit in Minnesota!!!
Julia went to the Grand Canyon, and yes it was grand, especially considering her dad knows all of the lyrics to John Denver's Country Roads, which drive Julia's mom insane.

This Friday is the Fall semester climbing lock-in at Hoosier Heights Indy. Pistol Pete has sent a detailed email so I choose not to say anymore on the matter. Read his email.
POCAR flyering this week. If you have free printing or have no need for the remaining balance in your printing account, please contact Alex S and print some flyers for him. He also sent an email with the flyer attached so you can take a little initiative and just print some off yourself if youre a badass.
We need Certified CPR people and Certified Drivers for POCAR! Look for an email from Alex S regarding the matter.
Next week will be an important meeting if you plan on volunteering or racing in POCAR. We will talk about staying warm in the winter, and special winter camping/racing dieting habits to keep your ass moving. Should be much more entertaining than Kelly's talk on shitting in the woods... See you then!!

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