POC News of November 11/7/12

Happy November to all of you POCtastic individuals!


Sadly this section will remain empty. No new biz-naz in the first week of the 11th month of the 2012th year. Better luck next week.


Someone went to the Red River Gorge last weekend but to be honest with you I wasn't exactly listening when the meeting first began and I'll be damned if I caught their name or if they even had fun or not.

Someone else did a 120 mile bike ride from IU to Purdue. Once again I wasn't listening who but I can assure you they deserve mad props for going that far without the aid of the handy dandy trusty internal combustion engine propelling them forward for such a distance.

Ian went to the Co-Rec climbing wall on Saturday. For those who went with him they were happily surprised at the cost of fuel when it was divided evenly amongst the passengers. Suck it HHI!!

Nick and Alex went to Hoosier National Forest for an orienteering callout. All in all 9 people participated and aside from Alex S #2 nearly walking his feet clear off in Alex S #1's boots, everyone had a jolly good time and made it home alive, despite the constant rain. Side note, Chris ate a burrito that could have fed all of Ethiopia for a week in the time span of five minutes. 

Amy and a bunch of girls and three lads went hiking in Brown County. Despite the name it was full of many pretty colors and fun times were had by all. The "Rugged" trail proved to be all but that so they went to Nashville and Amy ate a breakfast burrito.

Pistol Pete worked on his bouldering wall.  Once he has finished assembling the epic wall social gatherings will soon follow. 


Pistol Pete is going bouldering at Holy Boulder in S. Illinois (not Bethlehem). Its a five hour drive. He will leave Friday evening and come back as late as possible Sunday. This is bouldering only so if you prefer sport or trad then Bugger off! Contact Pistol Pete is you are interested.

Ian is going mountain biking around noonish on Saturday with Haan Solo.

Hermez is climging at the Co-rec around 4pm one of the three days this weekend (once again wasn't exactly listening), followed by a cookout around 6:30. He lives on 8th across the Union St. Bridge.

We will have a speaker from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) at the next meeting. Job opportunities could follow!

Free bowling with Julia and the first 9 people to contact her Friday around 7 or 8.


Registration is now OPEN for the 2013 POCAR! The race will be held at Morgan-Monroe Staate forest outside of Martinsville Jan 19-21 (MLK weekend). Teams of 4-6, no experience necessary. Talk to Kristie if you want to volunteer. If you know how to orienteer and you dont want to race we need people to help set and clean the course the weekends before and after the race. Talk to Alex about this. 

That's all folks. Have a good weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

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