POC Newsletter 10/30/12


Trips that went out:
Teresa and Bryce and Jean went to the Red this weekend. Bryce now has an awesome beard, complete with birds, and the fall leaves looked pretty.

Mountain Biking Lessons Commenced! Bob Haan shared some of his secret moves and then took everyone down Haan and then braved Mourdock. Both were challenging and exhilarating.

Outgoing Trips:

The mountain biking lessons will continue. The lessons take place at 920 E State St, at noon, on Saturday. Bring a helmet and some enthusiasm.

The trip out to the Red is not beginner friendly, so talk to Adam about that.

There will be a super laid-back, kitschy hike down in Brown County, then we're exploring Nashville, IN. Look for Fall Hiking Adventure on Facebook.

Alex is leading an orienteering skills workshop this weekend. They are leaving Saturday morning and they have not decided if they are camping Saturday night. This will take place in Hoosier National Forest. There are a select few seats available on the waiting list with preference for people who will volunteer and/or help set the course. Alex and Nick will finalize the itinerary soon.

Kristy is going to start flyering efforts. She'll need people to print flyers, to post flyers, and to hand out flyers. Keep and eye out for these easy-peasy ways to earn your gear.

NOLS is coming Nov. 13 to talk about hiring leaders for their epic outdoor adventure trips.

Tips from the Pros, if ya know what I mean.
Where do I get a compass? Gander Mountain probably has decent compasses-look for Silva or Suunto. Even the lower end of those brands are guaranteed for life and should hold up. Don't buy anything with a bubble in it.

See ya out there kids,
Amy Olsen

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