POC Newsletter 10/24

Hello fellow POCers, I hope you all are having a glorious Wednesday.


...ahem... ANYWAYS,


We will need a team of highly trained professionals to help set the course the weekend before the race. In order to qualify for this position, you must:
-NOT be racing in POCAR (adur!!)
-Know how to read a Topographical Map
-Know how to use a GPS
-know how to plot UTM Coordinates on a TOPO map

If you do not meet these requirements but still want to help set the course, Alex and Nick will be leading an orienteering trip here in the next few weeks. After that and shotgun season for cute little innocent bambis begins and individuals (such as myself) will be hunting them mercilessly to dine upon their flesh and bathe in their blood, which could potentially endanger any such POCers tromping through the forests during such a ritual.

If you do not want to help set the course and you do not want to race, there will be plenty of other volunteer opportunities for you.

For further details, questions, comments, or concerns contact Alex Schmidberger (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Nick Fico (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Kayaking lock-in is this Friday. GET PSYCHED!! Talk to one of the Kayaking consultants if you have any questions.


Alex, Kelly, and Trym went to the Red River Gorge. They got lost on their way home and ended up in Columbus Ohio, but good times were had by all and no one died.

Bob Han (Solo) had a birthday party and the POC mountain bikers were invited to partake in the festivities. Sheila Kinker was there... and she was kinky.

Ian went kayaking after the monsoons yesterday on Big Pine. It wasn't nearly as death-defying as he had hoped.

Brad Grylls (your trusty secretary!) had a cookout. My house was full of strangers who ate all my food and drank all my...soda. But we all had fun eating and hanging out and watching Top Gear and Man vs Wild and Family Guy. We then had a bonfire, despite the fact that my fire pit had about 3 inches of standing water in it. This is proof that with enough lighter fluid, everything burns!


Mountain Biking lessons with Bob Han (Solo) this and next Saturday at noon. This week he will teach you basic mountain biking skills and next week you can learn to pilot the Millennium Falcon and help him stroke his Wookie.

Robby is going to two rivers, both of which were way too hard to spell when I was taking notes. They are class 4 and 5 so strap on your big boy pants and go kayaking this weekend!

Laura is turning 21 Friday. Join her for fun times and buy her a .....soda.

That is all for now. Cheery O.


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