POCTOBER Newsletter 10/16

Good Day to all you wonderful POCers out there. I trust you are having a glorious Wednesday afternoon.


Bob Han, the sweet old guy who builds bike trails in his yard in Lafayette, has a birthday coming up, and he has invited the POC to his party! You must RSVP by today though, so talk to Amy O about that and if you have any other questions. Should be a good time.

Hole punchers are in for consultants. If you are a sport consultant, make sure you get your nifty difty new hole puncher. If you wish to participate in an outdoor sport that requires skills more advanced than tying your shoes and putting one foot in front of the other (you lucked out, Backpackers!!!), then you will need to get your Membership Card punched for each sport you wish to participate in. FOR EXAMPLE, if I wanted to go rock climbing, I would need to climb with one of the consultants in an indoor rock climbing gym, and they would have to punch my card saying I am approved to climb outdoors, lead climb, or lead belay in order to be able to do so with the club. 

Go get CPR certified. Talk to Kelly for more details.

POCAR POCAR POCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right folks, POCTOBERFEST is out and POCAR is in!!! For those of you who do not know, POCAR is our annual orienteering race held over Martin Luther King Weekend (January something other). The race is 48 hours and approximately 50 miles long depending on your orienteering skills. Teams are 4-6 people. It is for POC members, amateur teams, and professional teams. Registration should be open by the end of the month and location has yet to be determined. If you want to race, we will notify you when registration is open so watch your emails. 

If you DONT want to race but still wanna find out what all the hype is about, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! 

Basically, all of that nice gear you use when you go on a POC trip, damn near all of it was funded with the money we make every year at POCAR. That means in order for the event to run smoothly, and in order for us to keep buying kickass gear foy oyu, we need as many volunteers as possible. More on this to come later, but just a heads up. No matter what your skill level is with orienteering and winter camping, we will find a job that suits your needs.


So POCTOBERFEST was a smashing success!! Everyone reported jolly times and good company had by all. While rock climbing, Sarah was attacked by a kamikaze squirrel that jumped off the cliff. Sadly he missed his intended target and his efforts were all for nothing. However the little furry fellow managed to survive his attempted plunge of death. 

Also, Alex went to POCTOBERFEST and said that in his six years of being at Purdue, this was his best Fall break ever. Of course it was. We rule.

Kelly went to Turkey Run and was dissapointed by all of the tempting walls she wanted to climb that were illegal to climb on.

Emily went to the Red River Gorge for ROCKTOBERFEST and met up with fellow POC members there.

Kelly and Ian also had a POTLUCK for the non-POCTOBERFEST folks.


Kelly is going to the Red River Gorge.

Other than that no one had any trips to announce, SOOOOOO I have decided to have a POTLUCK at my house this Friday. A separate email with details will follow shortly after this one.

Ok thanks bye.
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