Newsletter 9/11/12

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to the weekly POC meeting. This one was definitely a success since Andy Constantino, a previous club president came to tell stories of his adventures! That and all trips this weekend were awesome! 

Trips that went out: 

Max took a mixed trip of cyclists, pocer's and other on a 50 mile cycling adventure to the Windmill's north of campus. We got a little lost because one of the roads was closed. Ooops. We also faced a headwind THE WHOLE TRIP, which makes sense since we were headed to the windfarm. It turned out great, though, since Saturday was a drop dead gorgeous day. After the ride a bunch of us went to Puccinis and Max at a ton. We were all hungry. 

Max showed us some of the really nice pictures he had on his camera and said that he will be planning another ride soon. Keep your eyes open! 

Andy Constantino also told us about the adventures he's had in the last 4 months. He quit his job and spent 2 months in europe then 2 months traveling the states. 

He went to Greece, sailed, and climbed in kalymnos. A crew of poc-ers drove aroudn the alps, climbed in spain, and bummed in barcelona. When he got back he found more Poc-ers to adventure with climbing in colorado, bolting routes in wyoming and kicking it in Utah. There was also climbing in yosemite and tahoe. If you ever want to go to these RAD places, get ahold of Andy and he will give you all the tips he knows. He will also be at the red this weekend and wants you to know that you can always go stay with his mother in lexingon, KY and cuddle with Peter if it gets cold. His mom also makes good food. 

This past weekend Amy also took about 20 people to do the Hann trail cleanup. The guy that owns the land is super cool and needed some help hauling trash off the new property he is building a trail on. POC-ers did a great job, ate a ton of pizza and had yummy cookies that were made by the guy's wife. 

Overall, this trip was great for the POC. They helped create a brand new riding trail which will help promote riding for us and others, made the club look really good, and set our standard for giving back really high. Gold star POC cleanup crew! 

Peter had a cookout that turned into island camping. Unfortunately? he has a giant bra in his freezer. If its your's you should take it. He doesn't fit in it. It might be secret Ashley's. 

Ian went on the subsequent trip to an island in the Wabash. There was lots of poison ivy and he decided to camp in it. Remember to wash your sleeping bags if you get poison ivy oil on them! 


Greg Forney who is a ninja and got his email out before this one, is taking a trip to the red this weekend and has 2 spots left in his car. Contact him if you want to go! 

In order to climb you must have gone to the gym with the club and had your skills checked by a consultant. The club has all the gear you will need for camping and climbing. We rock. 

Laura Johnson is taking the Backpacking callout this weekend. Currently the trip is mostly closed since there are 20 people signed up, and only about 10 people can go. Laura wants you to know that if you emailed her she will get back to you, and is very sorry that she hasn't done so already. Also, if you can't go on the trip and signed up, get ahold of Laura immediately so that others can go. Email her if you have more questions. 

GAULEY FEST is this weekend too! This is one of the biggest white water festivals. It is in West Virginia and is super fun! It also happens to be pretty close to some nifty climbing. You are welcome to come (but get ahold of Ian) if you have been cleared to climb or kayak by one of the consultants. Its 20$ to get into the festival, so bring cash if you want to come. 


Thanks to Katherine, the club is thinking about looking into getting Red Rock 7 played as a showing. We watched the video teaser and it looks super awesome. It will cost $600 to do it, but we should be able to get money from alternate avenues aside from the club. Peter, Kelly, Laura and Katherine (the idea maker) are looking into it. 

Forest wants us all to know that WE NEED THE DRIVERS CERTS DONE FOR TOMORROW or if not, by the end of the week at least. If you haven't done so already do the video and questions online, then take your printouts to shreeve basement with your license and insurance info. You also need to let Forest know if you have done this. 


Kelly wants you to reread her emails and go get your CPR cert. The club needs a certain number of certified people at all events or WE CAN'T HAVE THEM. Once you get the card, or if IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT bring it to shreeve and get it copied for club sports. 

Max also came to talk about the Habitat for Humanity Bucket 100. There were also two emails this week detailing this ride. 

The ride takes place October 27th and 28th from IU to Purdue. Its 30 dollars to sign up and riders need to fundraise 100 dollars for the ride (which should be easy, but talk to Max). The whole ride will be 120 miles split between two days, and there are nonclub bikes if you don't have one. 

The moral is "Just try it, its relaxing and for a good cause." 

There will also be a much longer ride over a week at the end of the school year called Cover Indiana- see Max, Caroline or Kelly for more info. They all did it last year. 


Signups will be emailed soon! 

Note, those who participate actively in the club will have priority in signing up. 

If you want to kayak, email Forest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

For those of you who don't know what this is, its our fall break 4 day weekend, Oct 5-9. We head out friday and come back tuesday. You can try a new sport everyday you are there! Its super awesome, super fun, and a great way to experience new sports. Hiking, climbing and mountainbiking happen everyday as well as the opportunity to play in the awesome camp area lake! Rafting will probably happen twice and caving will also occur. You will have fun. You will. 

As for tent space, the best way to camp at poctoberfest involves finding some friends and checking out a tent as a group. If you don't do this, however, and don't have your own tent, you get to make new friends, or pile in with Amy <3. 

Notes for officers: Forest will get you gear sheets for POCtoberfest. 


Keep your eyes open, one of the next meetings will be a tye dying event! Bring your own tee or other white fabric clothing item and the club will supply the dye. Thanks Theresa! 

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