Newsletter 9/5/12

Good morning to all you B/A POCers!!

Here's what went down at our last meeting


First of all, if you have not signed up for this mailing list, you can do so on our website, If you can't figure out how to sign up for our mailing list after going to our website, then you're about as sharp as a bag of marbles. That being said, obviously only the people who were smart enough to sign themselves up for our mailing list will read this message, so this whole paragraph is intended for ironic humor only.

Roll sessions are every Monday and Wednesday from 8-9:30 pm in the Purdue Aquatic Center. YOU MUST COME TO ROLL SESSIONS AND LEARN HOW TO NOT DIE BEFORE YOU GO ON A KAYAKING TRIP WITH THE CLUB!!!! We will not take you kayaking if we are not confident that you will be able to upright your kayak in the highly likely event that you flip... unless we don't like you.

Amy O is taking a group out to help a sweet old rich guy clean up his property for building mountain biking trails for us. She will be meeting at 12:30pm at the Black Cultural Center (Freshmen, if you can't find it, look on your map in the back of your mortar board). After cleaning the trails there will be mountain biking galore and pizza for all. Amy will relentlessly make fun of you if you don't show up to clean but you show up to bike and eat pizza.

Beginner rock climbing callouts are tonight and tomorrow (Thursday) at Hoosier Heights in Indy. If you want to go today, meet at Pistol Pete's house (500 Hayes) before 5pm. If you want to go tomorrow meet at the Black Cultural Center before 5pm. You will probably be back around 10 or 11pm. Bring $20-$25 for food, gas, and gym fees. If you want to save money, we have shoes and harnesses in our gear closet. THe callout is to teach you the climbing basics you need to climb with us outdoors. ONCE AGAIN, YOU MUST CLIMB WITH US INDOORS BEFORE YOU CLIMB WITH US OUTDOORS!!! THIS IS ONCE AGAIN FOR YOUR SAFETY, AND BECAUSE WE WILL BE PISSED IF YOU GET BLOOD ON OUR EQUIPMENT. That being said, you do not have to come to the callout. There are several opportunities to go to the climbing gym every week. Just make sure one of the climbing consultants is there and sees that you aren't completely incompetent when it comes to climbing.

All sports will have beginner callouts within the next month or so. Keep an eye on the emails.

POCTOBERFEST!!!!!! Our biggest get-together of the semester is just a month away (Oct4-9)!! We will drive to West Virginia, comp on a mountain, and there will be trips going out every day for each sport. There is also a huge lake with a blob and various other water inflatables for your entertainment pleasure. Please contact Forrest Gross if you have any questions. The trip will be $50/person and that will cover our camping fees AND a pizza party for everyone!! A google doc will follow with a signup sheet. The cutoff is 60 people and there were over 300 people at our callout, not to mention our current members, so space is very limited and it will be gone before you can say yankee freaking doodle. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WAIVERS IN AND YOUR DUES PAID BEFORE YOU SIGN UP TO GO ON POCTOBERFEST!!!!!

We need certified drivers for POCTOBERFEST. Talk to Amy O about this.

We need people who are CPR certified for our club. If you already have your certification, please take it in to Shreve Gold Room (its in the basement of Shreve in case you didn't figure that out) and show them your certifications. Talk to Kelly Redmond if you have any questions or would like to get CPR certified.


Nick Fico took the annual Labor Day Weekend Colorado Driving/a little Mountaineering in between driving trip. Everyone had a great time. A kayaker kicked a lot of the hardcore mountaineers' asses. They traversed Sawtooth Ridge. Laura didn't die much to her surprise.

Kayakers went to Ocoee river for some fun paddling. They made it back before 4am Tuesday.

Julia went to Mammoth Cave for some caving and mountain biking. She was told there would be a ferry across the river. She was lied to. She got wet.


The Backpacking Callout will be happening sometime this month at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Start getting exited Supertrampers!!!

Next weekend is Gauleyfest at the New River Gorge. A good time is guaranteed to be had by all who parrticipate, and even climbers can have fun. Talk to Prez Ian for details.

...and thats all I have to say about that!!
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