Newsletter 8/22/12

Hey everyone!!

Welcome back to Purdue for another adventure-filled semester! I'm your new secretary!! Here's what's happening in the POC at the moment:


Most importantly, the Fall Callout is one week from today, Wednesday, August 29 at 7pm in the Wetherill Lecture Hall. Please attend if you are an officer, consultant, or extremely good looking.

Meetings are EVERY Tuesday at 7pm in FRNY B124.

Please contact Amy O. (V.P.) regarding promotions for our club. She can give you flyers to post on bulletin boards and arrange times to hang out in populated areas on campus to hand them out to people. 

There will also be an Activities Bonanza at the Memorial Mall tomorrow (Thursday) from 11am-2pm. 

Talk to Amy regarding getting a group together to help a rich old guy clean up trash from his property cuz he's building mountain biking trails that we can use.

Max, Caroline and Steven did a 360-mile bike race called Covered Indiana. The rest of Max's summer kinda sucked.


Pistol Pete was in Colorado Springs most of the summer working as a rock climbing guide. He was shut down for a week and a half due to forest fires. His boss was an ex-marine sniper and threatened to shoot him a lot. He also did some canyoneering, mountain biking, etc during his free time. Lastly, he went to Utah and climbed Ancient Art. ITs in a bank commercial. He planked it. It was sketchy.

Oregano Pete (New Pete) went to Yosemite for a 5 day backpacking trip. He climbed Half Dome and saw a Marmot.

Katherine went to the Red River Gorge with Fletcher for a weekend to rock climb. She got Lead climbing and belaying certified cuz she's a boss.

Amy went Camping in Starved Park. She camped out in a local bar parking lot with a kickass biker gang. They saw a guy hiking in flip flops drinking an iced coffee. He had never heard of Camelbaks. 

Ian went rock climbing in Maine and kayaking in Pennsylvania and mountain biking at some guy's mansion on 9th Street.

Julie went to Malaysia. She saw a lake. It was cool.

Kelly almost sat on a Copperhead in Connecticut. It was mating season.

Tyler went to Glacier and Rocky Mountain N.P. He saw Grizzly bears.

Adam, Kumar, Trymm, and Jenna went climbing in Colorado. They climbed Castle Peak in Aspen. Aspen is expensive as hell but the beer flows like wine. Needless tosay they did not buy a Lamborghini or stay in the Presidential Suite.


Adam is slacklining today at 1pm in Memorial Mall. He will bring his puppy. He is also going to the Red River Gorge his weekend for climbing and pizza. Contact him if youre interested.

Julia is going to Kentucky for some mountain biking and caving Labor Day weekend. Contact her if youre interested.

Laura wants to go camping but doesn't have a car. Contact her if you have a car and wanna go camping.
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