Newsletter 4/24/12

Club Business
- Because of the elections, Kate went over some guidelines and helpful hints for the newly elected officers and consultants. If you have any questions or problems next year, refer to the binder she put together.

Trips that Went Out
- Kristy, Brad O., Forrest, and Suzie kayaked the Nanny. They went to a rodeo shoot-out and saw Liquid Logic. AND they got back to Purdue before midnight!
- Peter and Paige went to the Red. It was her first time climbing outdoors, and Peter made sure she'd remember it by losing his headlamp and sleeping pad, forgetting to get a rope and when he made the extra trip to the gear closet he forgot it there so he bought a new one at the Red. At the gas station none of the pumps were working, and at a red light he realized he forgot to put on his gas cap so he ran out in the middle of the street to get it while hoping the light doesn't turn green. He drove the wrong way to the crag, and on the ride back the bridge was closed so they spent hours trying to get back into Indiana. BUT he said after all that it was fun!
- Brad G., Louis, and Ian competed in the Spartan Race. It was awesome. Ian and Brad Grylls started up at the front and were the first lucky ones to jump into the mud puddle where Ian lost his shoe and had to do the race with only one shoe. They had to jump over a fire pit, climb rope ladders, and climb mud walls. Ian finished 7th and Brad finished 892nd. Good job on finishing guys!
- Julie and Don went mountain biking at Kickapoo on Sunday. It was a lot of fun.
- Max A., Theresa, Brad H., and Adam went to the Red and cuddled with Adam's new dog. Max took a bad fall into a tree and went to the Chocolate Factory Sunday.

Trips Going Out
- Due to the fact that many of us just watched The Sound of Music... we're going to Austria and climbing the Alps.

It's been fun kids. Have a great summer and good luck next year!

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