Newsletter 4/17/12

Past Trips:

Amy Olsen, Kristy Oates, Andrei Dubitski, and Forrest Gross went mountain biking down in Town Run. It had rained, and was forecasted to rain later, but because of the hydrology and geology of the trail, WE DID NOT DAMAGE IT and everyone had a great time. It was Kristy's first time mountain biking and she showed us all how it's done.

Kelly went to Red River Gorge with her sister. She lead climbed a few routes and saw a baby rattlesnake and some frog eggs.

Max A. went on a cycling race. It rained and he was worried about his camera. His friend did well-even if he had to give 110% despite stomach cramps and vomit at the finish line. Max was impressed by his friend and didn't have time to change before the meeting, so he came to the meeting in his racing jersey.

Isaac set out to prove all the haters wrong and went on an Indiana Epic this weekend, completing an adventure each of climbing, caving, kayaking, and mountain biking. He had no bike rack or roof rack, which made the fact that he hauled two kayaks and two bikes all the more impressive. He used some fancy climbing knots. He and Amy Buckman climbed at an undisclosed location Friday. If you choose to climb there, do not use club gear and leave politely when asked. They camped using a lean-to on the side of the car. They kayaked some class I on the Blue River. They visited a fancy winery. They camped and rode Brown County! The mud was minimal (as it should be guys!). They visited Doghill Donohue cave and had a blast with the waterfalls.

Outgoing trips:

There is tentatively a kayaking trip. If you were not aware of it, you are probably not advanced enough to go.  :(

Brad T. is going to run the SPARTAN RACE! It will be beautiful, 50 degrees and raining.

WILDERNESS FIRST AID is this weekend. It's almost too late. If you are interested, contact Andy Higginbottom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We NEED certified people!

We need help inventorying gear! Next Monday at 6pm!

Election Results:

Lev and John will be our advisors.

Ian Dryg

Vice President:
Amy O.

Brad T.

Mark P.

Assistant Treasurer:
Caroline K.

Health and Safety Officer:
Kelly R.

Apprentice Health and Safety Officer:
Katherine A.

Poctoberfest Coordinator:

POCAR Coordinator:
Alex S.

POCAR Registration:
Max A.

POCAR Volunteer Coordinator:
Kristy O.

Climbing Consultants:
Max S.

Kayaking Consultant:
Forrest (Roll Sessions)

Caving Consultants:
Caroline S
Kevin H

Backpacking Consultants:
Kevin H
Laura J

Gear Consultants:
Katherine A
Katherine D

Mountain Biking Consultants:
Amy O.

Webmaster (Local):
Trevor Settles

Max A is selling his brand new harness for $60
Kristy is looking for a summer sublease
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