Newsletter 4/3/12

Club Business
- Remember to nominate people for officer positions! The spreadsheet will be re-sent if you accidentally deleted it. You have until April 14th to nominate people, then elections will be on April 17th
- The Tuesday meeting after the elections (April 24th) will be mandatory for all newly elected officers for officer training
- Get all gear in! We know there's gear missing, we know who has it, stop being careless and checking gear out for weeks at a time thinking it's your own, and get it in so we can make sure it's still safe to use. We know that one  of the perks is using our gear and you're more than welcome to do so, just make sure you check back each week with one of the gear people saying hey I still have this gear and will be using it on a regular basis. As long as there are no big trips coming up, more than likely they'll say okey dokey.
- Wilderness First Aid certifications will be offered the weekend of the 20th. If you're interested look for Kelly's e-mails
- The club picnic will be on Friday at 437 Vine. The club will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers, but the rest is pot luck so bring a tasty dish to share! It will be in place of the meeting
- Gear inventory will be at 6pm on Monday. There will be free pizza for anyone who is actually helping.
- There is a picnic on Friday at Amplitheater. It's potluck and I know there have been e-mails sent out about it so refer to those if you want more details.
- People who are really involved with climbing and thoroughly know their stuff, think about events to do at the new wall!

Trips that Went Out
- The beginners backpacking trip went to the Red. There were some funny moments and Amy O started a fire with flint
- A big group went climbing. The weather was colder, it rained the first night, Rachel conquered an overhanging route, and Rebecca did her first lead.
- Peter sent a tall very slightly overhanging route, but as he was cleaning it he didn't swing enough so he was stuck just far enough from the wall where he couldn't reach the quick draw to get it off the wall. He made a "rope" with quick draws and clipped his shoe to the end & tried to lasso it behind the rope so he could pull himself to get the draw. He managed to unclip part of his rope of quick draws and sent them flying into the woods. Eventually he made it through the cleaning.
- Isaac met up with Donnie and Kaylin, they climbed Saturday and did a 12. When Isaac was cleaning a route he "did it cleanly" meaning he swung down by lowering himself on the rappel from one bolt to the next.
- Max went to a climbing reunion at Miguels where they did a pull up contest. The winner did 100 and something pull ups.

Trips Going Out
- Isaac is going to Jackson Falls this weekend. It's not a trip trip but more like a day trip so if you're in Evansville and want to go e-mail him.
- Kelly is staying here and going to a Medieval reenactment if anybody is interesting in going with her.
- Max is doing the Triathalon here on Saturday. Wish him luck!
- Kelly wants to take a trip to the Red the weekend of the 14th and 15th
- Kate is hopefully doing the Tallulah this weekend. It'll be Ian and Tyler's first time. Have fun!

Hope everybody has a great Easter weekend!

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