Newsletter 3/20/12

Club Business
- For those consultants who got an e-mail from Kate about their emergency action plan, please revise it and get it back to her by the end of the week.
- The link for officer and consultant nominations will be sent out at the end of this month so start thinking about who you want to nominate.

Trips that Went Out
- Laura and Paige were going to go to Florida over spring break but decided to go to North Carolina and South Carolina instead. They went to a lot of cool places, and decided not to swim across that Atlantic to Australia.
- Peter and the people in his car left Thursday for a bunch of climbing. They went to Horseshoes Canyon Ranch in Arkansas where they saw a lot of goats, some horses, and a huge dog with disgustingly huge nipples. From there they went to Flag Staff, Arizona, then on to Red Rocks, and lastly to Colorado where they met Drake the POC alum (not rapper).
- Max, Isaac, and Max's friend Danger (real name) wanted to climb Epinephrine which is a 16 pitch trad route. Max lost his belay device on one of the first pitches so he used a different method to belay up his friend. At the 12 hour mark they climbed a sketchy pitch and finally found a bolt. They rappelled down from webbing where people obviously had rappelled from before. They also slept on couches at a U-Swirl frozen yogurt shop as well as divided up gear on their tables all while some lady took their picture. Max fell asleep on a bench in a lobby in Vegas and scared people in the bathrooms.
- Brad Grylls went to Big Ben, Texas, for a geology course. He didn't bring a tent but brought a hammock to put up in the almost nonexistent trees. He had himself a great adventure that involved the Rio Grande River and relieving himself.
- The kayakers went to North Carolina. They kayaked down the Little Tennessee River where Junior dislocated his shoulder. They finally got it back into place after a stranger gave them a tip. All the beginners did really well and they stayed in a cabin and ate huge amounts of food.
- Kate, John, and Ben paddled the Nanny one day because they were only kayaking for the weekend. Everybody did well.
- Caleb went to the Red with people to climb. They tried to find a rope swing but found an interesting bunch of people instead. They hit a tree stump with their car, sat around jump rock, went to a gas station to buy glow sticks, and got a culture shock.

Trips Going Out
- The backpacking call out will be the weekend of March 30th. They will be going to either Michigan or the Red. Look for Laura's e-mails if you're interested.

Hope everybody had a fantastic spring break! Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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