Newsletter 2/28/12

Club Business
- For officers or those of you wanting to be officers next year, if an official trip is going to happen then you need to get your forms in at least 2 weeks in advanced. This includes picnics, lock ins, flyering, etc. This is important because if you're submitting reimbursement forms but didn't tell them you're having the event, then the Co-Rec won't know if the event actually happened or not and it'll be a pain to get your money back.
- Start thinking about who you want to nominate for each position. A lot of us in the officer and consultant positions are graduating so there are plenty of open spots. Nominations will start in early April.
- Thank you to the consultants that made the emergency action plans. If any changes need to be made Kate will e-mail you.
- We'll sponsor Tent Town, so we can camp in Memorial Mall during dead week. Even though they're taking responsibility for everything, don't be excessively stupid.

Trips that Went Out
- The lock-in was a success! Even after a minor mishap with the Qdoba food, they still managed to drive to the correct store in record time and pick up all the food.
- Julie went skiing and snowboarding!
- Amy, Isaac, Peter, Rebecca, and Brooklyn went caving before the lock in. They got good caving footage.

Trips Going Out
- There's a rock climbing competition at Hoosier Heights Bloomington on Saturday (tomorrow). They have categories for all levels of climbing. If you're interested e-mail Peter.
- Kelly wants to go to the wineries of Indy this weekend. E-mail her if you're interested.

Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend! Any questions, just e-mail.


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