Newsletter 2/21/12

Club Business
- Consultants please get your Emergency Action Plan emailed to Kate by the end of this week
- New members (or old), if you owe money or need to fill out a waiver see Mark

Trips that Went Out
- A group went to Qdoba on Valentine's Day, yes they actually had to kiss, and they had a great time
- A mountain biking trip went to Ray's in Milwaukee. It was awesome!

Tonight is the lock in! Bring $10 CASH and get ready for a bunch of shenanigans!

People from Tent Town came and talked to us

Here are the main points:
- In a nutshell they are protesting the right to protest. They ask different clubs to sponsor them as they rent out Memorial Mall for a week, set up tents, and live in them. An organization can rent out Memorial Mall for up to 24 hours so they need 7 clubs to sponsor them.
- The clubs can put up different activities pertaining to the club, so we can set up a slackline.
- It's from April 22nd-29th and we can camp in Memorial Mall for just 1 or all of those nights.
- If anything happens, Tent Town will be responsible.
- They will always have somebody there to watch over and make sure there is no drug or alcohol use, and make sure nothing gets stolen.
- They're working on being able to have a fire pit but they don't know if we will be able to have one
- Get excited to camp in Memorial Mall!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


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