Newsletter 1/17/12

Club Business
- The volunteers at POCAR kicked some major butt! There were only a couple minor issues with the race. 16 out of 43 teams finished. If you liked volunteering consider running for one of the POCAR officer positions.
- Brad G is looking for people to help pick up the remaining points. E-mail him if you're interested.
- The call out is Wednesday Jan. 25th at 7pm in CL50. We will be flyering early next week for it!
- DO NOT WRITE A CHECK REQUEST FOR GAS MONEY FOR POCAR IF YOU'RE NOT A CERTIFIED DRIVER! It will put a hold on ALL payments and Amy O will show up at your door and punch you in the face.

Past Trips
- Shelly went to Rocky Mountain National Forrest over winter break. She went on a frozen lake where the wind was so strong it pushed her backwards. She went cross country and downhill skiing, climbed up a rocky face, and went hiking.
- Amy and Isaac went to New York City and went bouldering in Central Park
- Ian went to Disney World with his family and saw Mickey Mouse
- Keith showed pictures of the trip to Europe

- Pick up points for POCAR!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


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