Newsletter 1/10/12

- There are jobs for climbers who will be around next year at the Co-Rec. There are job fairs on January 24th and 25th in CIVL 1144 at 6pm and 8pm. The first interviews will be for the climbing wall supervising position. Look at Kate's previous e-mail for more info.
- Thank you Katherine and Paige for stepping up and being our two new gear people!
- Kate showed us pictures of her trip to Europe over winter break. 7 people went, 5 of which were from the club. They went to Berlin, Prague, Munich, Switzerland, Milan, and Venice. They stayed in hostels which were of surprisingly good quality.
- If anybody else wants to show off their pictures of their cool trips during winter break, bring no more than 10-15 pictures to next weeks meeting.

If you aren't volunteering or racing in POCAR, you can stop reading unless you're really curious and/or bored. If you are volunteering or racing in POCAR, you need to keep reading!


- have the proper gear. This includes lots of warm clothes (no cotton!) and food for entire weekend minus one dinner. They will be cooking spaghetti with meat and bean balls to accomodate everyone's diet.
- Make sure if you're driving, you're not driving alone.
- You will need to sleep in shifts. People need to be patrolling to roads, bringing the fire/water checkpoints water and anything else they might need, ALL NIGHT.
- Don't plan on going out to get food this weekend. Bring everything you need with you. The closest place is a half hour away and that's a gas station.
- Don't sit around the fire at the fire/water checkpoints when there are racers. They need the fire more than you do.
- Don't go out in the woods alone. Tell people where you are and bring a GPS and at least one other person if you go to pick up the points.
- Don't drink the apple juice.
- If you really need something to do find Amy O and ask her. If you want to be told to do something you don't necessarily want to do, ask Brad Grylls.
- Make small talk with the racers to make sure they're functioning and are OK. If they can't form coherent sentences, let one of the coordinators know.
- Bring board games or cards. You will need something to fill time when there's nothing going on. Everybody get excited because Renju will be there.
- break down of the weekend:

Friday night: put together racer packets, sort firewood, and set up the fire/water checkpoints

Saturday: Register teams! Direct any questions you get from the races to Amy O., Nick, Kyle or Brad Grylls. Even if you think you know the answer, don't answer it. Patrolling starts almost immediately after the race begins. Two people need to be in a car. When you're patrolling look for races that have dropped out or are hurt. Also, watch out for the racers when you go around the blind curves. It will not be good for you or the club if you run one person or a whole team over. Patrols will be going on ALL NIGHT.

Saturday night: Mark teams down as they finish the first leg.

Sunday: Start taking down the points from leg 1. NEVER DO THIS ALONE! Boost morale! Make memories! Clean up racers' messes!

Monday: Wait for the last teams, hopefully pick up the last points, give victory high fives!

- Drink water or you will die.
- Eat food.
- If a team member can't function they need help.
- Don't drink alcohol during the race. Don't pregame either, you won't function for very long. If you are caught with alcohol you will be disqualified.
- Bring your own toilet paper.
- Watch out for horse poop.
- Don't go out on the lake if it's frozen. Don't go in the lake if it's not frozen. You will be disqualified.
- Read the POCAR information document.
- No cell phones!
- Be visible while walking on the roads at night.
- Leave No Trace! Pack out all your trash. This includes apple, orange, banana, or any other peels.
- You have to go to Maumee to check out! If you don't and they can't get ahold of you or your parents then they will call a search and rescue team to go find you.

- If the volunteers don't get to pick up all the points then they will need people to go out the next weekend to pick them up. It's good orienteering practice. Also, volunteers, if you loved volunteering this year and did a good job then you could run for a POCAR officer position!

Hope everybody had a great break and first week of classes! See you all next Tuesday.


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